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What do you think

Ok new to this site, so hello all, here is my question? I have to make a choice between two good options. 1. 2014 F150 with no extended cab etc, reg truck with 7000kms...27,500 or 2. 2013 edge limited loaded with 35000 kms for 23,500.....I live in snow country so snow tires etc come in to play.
Just curious what others choices would be...and does one sound like a better deal than the other.....cause that's another thing....I am pretty cheap.
Thanks in advance
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Welcome, thats kind of an apples to oranges comparison question, its tough to say which is better because they're two completely different vehicles, and without knowing the trim levels, can't really say which is the better deal, post up some more details and you'll get a better answer I'm guessing.

Is the Edge All Wheel Drive and the F150 4WD for example? XL, XLT, FX4, SE, SEL or Limited?? What are you looking to do with the vehicle? Do you need the clearance and space of a full size pickup? The Edge has lots of room, but you'll never fit a sheet of 4'x8' plywood in it.

Generally though, depending how you look at it, the F150 is one year newer with less mileage, but if you're worrying about money, the gas mileage might come into play, depending a little, but not much, on the engine. But, the F150 is $4000 more right?

My wife has owned an '11 Edge, currently has a '15, and with the V6 they both average 11.0 L/100km. F150 will be 14.5 to 15.5L/100km, but it all depends on how you drive.

Snow tires for either the Edge of the F150,I've bought both, work out about the same money wise, slightly less for the Edge just by virtue of the sizing.

Best of luck.

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Yeah I get that its not apples to apples. I am having a tough time with the decision, because a truck would come in handy about 10 times a year, it is 4 wheel drive Xlt I believe. However I travel about 150 kms a day back and forth to work, so the Edge seems to be the better option, and it is all wheel drive.
Anyway thanks, I guess I could always use a Trailer for the plywood etc...
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Your going to run into more problems with the Edge than the F150 IME, unless the F150 is an ecoboost.

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I don't know about more problems with the Edge, the only real complaint I had was doing the brakes, but between the wife driving and how they're made these days, it was no real surprise.

Other than that, we had no major issues, other than maybe the Sync died a couple of times and needed a new module, but that was covered under warranty,

OP, if you're driving 750km a week for work, and you're self confessed "cheap", and the Edge is $4000 less, it might be the vehicle for you.

The AWD is quite capable in the winter, throw on some Blizzak's and it doesn't get much better for traction.

750km a week in an F150, I guarantee you'll be dropping at least $125 a week on gas minimum.

Bottom line is to go with what you want. Do I need a truck? No. Do I want a truck and choose to drive a truck because I like it? Definitely.

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