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Appaulled with Ford Service

For those of you with some reading time, this is my sisters letter to
Ford Canada,
Fort Motors Service Manager,
The Better Business Bureau of Canada and
Editor for the Northerner.

In case anyone is wondering, the New truck is my brother in law's 6th Ford truck.

To Whom it may concern,
I am writing to file a formal complain of poor business practice as well as to attempt to express my anger at the way my husband and I were recently treated while doing business with Fort Motors Service Department in Fort St John, BC. Words cannot accurately describe the scope of my anger right now; I feel taken advantage of and am sick about the decision we were forced to make that has taken from me the last of the inheritance from my father’s passing last year. Here is our story.
In December of 2008 the second push rod failed on our 2006 F350 6.0 ltr Diesel engine, the first being in January of that year. Fort Motors in Fort St John repaired it and other work under warranty and we had the truck back just before Christmas. At the time of the repair we asked them to thoroughly examine the remaining cylinders in case there was an underlying cause for this second catastrophic failure, they assured us they would so that we could be confident no more rods would go.
In the first week of January after four days working the sound of a blown push rod could be heard from our driveway yet again! My husband immediately contacted Fort Motors in anticipation of having the truck towed in that day, the truck carries a welding rig and he cannot work without that specific vehicle. To our shock he was told that they could not get us in until the end of March for diagnosis of the problem, and that as far as they were concerned this was a new job and held no priority for them. After requesting a re-evaluation by the manager we were given the same blunt answer. Faced with a truck that didn’t run and thus couldn’t work for three months all the while costing us its $1300.00 a month payment we had to explore other options.
After scrutinizing the situation for several hours that morning we were faced with few choices – the down time we suffered in 2008 from the trucks engine failures coupled with a slow year in the oil patch had left us in a tight financial situation. Add to that after just buying out the lease and with the fallen market, the remaining loan for the truck exceeded its value. We approached the sales department at Fort Motors and had our faith in Ford restored after they were able to quickly put us into a new truck and somehow qualified us for the purchase. Unfortunately the difference in the value of the old truck left us owing $10,000.00 which I reluctantly suggested could be paid with my father’s inheritance, rather than other plans I had long since made for that gift. We made the deal and got back to day to day life, until this morning.
My husband on his rounds today noticed his old truck; repaired, detailed and prominently displayed for sale at Fort Motors. Not only was it able to be fixed inside of four weeks, but had time to be detailed and have body work done! We are floored, had we known it would have been ready to go by now there is no way we would ever have bought a new truck – extending our loan by thousands of dollars and parting with the last of my father’s gift to our family. We were told in no uncertain terms that they could not even look at the truck before the end of March and yet here is it already done, and to add insult to injury parked right out front for us to see.
As I said before, words cannot do justice to the intensity of emotion I feel right now. The manager of the service department made absolutely no effort to get this truck back in for repair after it had just left his shop for work that Ford Canada anticipates should not need to be done to a new vehicle – thus offers warranty to cover such an unlikely event. We were given no consideration for being one of Ford’s few customers who cannot rent a vehicle and continue to work, and we were offered no compensation for the cost to us of this truck and its multiple failures. Furthermore we offered to part with emotionally laden money so that my husband could get back to work to support our family.
Upon questioning today, Fort Motors service department reports that overtime was later approved and so they didn’t know four weeks ago that they would be able to get it done by now. Our question to them and Ford Canada is why overtime was not looked into at the time in an effort to accommodate their customers? And why we were left owing thousands on a vehicle whose demise was under the umbrella of a manufacturer’s warranty? And why, on top of their unwillingness to help us, did they rush in our old truck, fix it and display it for sale right out front?
I would like the abhorrent business practice of this department to go on record with their governing body at Ford Canada and with the better business bureau; and I would like the public to be aware how poorly we feel we were treated so that they may be prepared to push harder than we did for appropriate service. I would conclude by making a specific note that the sales department was more than accommodating and has our sincere thanks for their efforts.
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Send a message via MSN to Slim188 the only word that comes to my mind.....

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And they wonder why we call them "Stealerships".

Whaddya mean I dont pay my bills?? Whydya think I'm broke!!

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all I'm gonna say is never use emotional things when dealing with a business

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Originally Posted by taisa899 View Post
all I'm gonna say is never use emotional things when dealing with a business
I agree.

The letter was well done.
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im banned from Ford dealership in fort mac, for similar things. but i didn't get suckered with the "buy a new vehicle"

Really? Its the Internet take it easy.
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you seem to be banned from alot of Ford places Blair! lol

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lol yea fort mac dealer now there is a STEALERSHIP

sorry about the truck, seems like they new they were in the wrong so they put off the repairs hopeing you would drop it or go elsewhere and in a way it worked and thy got a sale out of the deal....

egines can fail, but was it chipped or modded out ? just wondering

i know welding trucks that were in the fort mac area were never stock as in chipped,turbo upgrades,lifted,exhaust seemed as soon as they got them they were modded
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Sounds like they just didn't want your business because it wasn't gonna be making them money.

But they sold you a new truck pretty damn quick.

Caveat Emptor, as always.
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You hear stories like this and you start to see why fewer and fewer people are buying N American vehicles.
Dealerships really need to fix-up in a hurry with there service and speed.
Last week while I was out on the road at work and had a hour to kill and needed an oil change and happened to be aproaching a Ford dealership so I swung in and they were pretty dead "tech's were outside smokeing" talked to them at service and they said no problem we can take you in rightnow, I thought great how long can it take for an oil change and tire rotation...
After a hour and fifteen minutes had gone by "now I am running late" I asked the lady at the counter how much longer this is going to be as its already been over an hour and she looks at me and says sorry sir were not a rapid lube and oil place and goes back on the phone like I am not even there.
I finally got out of there after an hour and a half just dumbfounded at how slow the service was. I could understand if they were busy but you could have shot a cannon through the place.
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