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Young Drivers: Sound Off About McGuinty's New Laws

In a phone conversation with Dalton McGuinty, Tim Mulcahy remarked that 'with these new laws, Ontario will have the safest roads in the world.' But if you are between the ages of 16 and 21, they will also be among the most restrictive.

The new laws would have police enforce:

A total ban on alcohol consumption

A ban on more than one teenage passenger

Zero tolerance for speeders – one ticket and they're off the road.

My friend, CSR expert storyteller Billie Mintz, an innovator in new media production is currently filming an investigative documentary that scrutinizes the distribution of the responsible drinking message. He wants to hear what you think about McGuinty's proposed new laws? Sound off here on the Toronto Chat Forums.

The Message in a Bottle is a 12 part web video series which examines the responsibility everyone shares regarding the advertising, sales, purchase and consumption of alcohol.

The world is changing; Ontario is becoming a safer place, but are we sacrificing freedom for safety?
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dont think it'll change much, adults drink and drive more then teenagers, they should revamp driving schools though, cause i got through mine with 0 effort since we were allowed to mark our own tests, and i think i only had to do 3 hrs of in car sessions. of which half was spent chatting in timmy's lol. should just send them to a week long racing school to understand car control skills. something like what they do for that canada's worst driver show.
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I love it
This is a great Start
2 people in the car is the best, limited distraction for a driver

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I was discussing this with friends and as far as I'm concerned the whole licencing process needs to be overhauled. It is far too easy for bad drivers to get/maintain their licences. My 85yo grandfather is a bigger danger on the road than a car full of teenagers, his reaction times are shot, he cant even maintain the speed limit. When he turned 80 he had a written test to keep his licence... if it was a road test he wouldve failed.

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This is definitely a subject that will be debated for a long while however, in my opinion, I see way too many high school kids driving around with very little respect for the other drivers. I hate to say it, but they are mostly the spoiled little rich kids driving either their 17th birthday present or Daddy's car to school. Showing off is one thing, being a total idiot behind the wheel is another.
I agree that the whole licensing issue needs to be revamped, including the on road testing, take a look at the instructor next time you see a driving school car, you'll be amazed.

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Take a look at a Driving school car that doesn't have a student in it... watch the so called "instructor" drive when they are on their own... it will blow your mind.

I'm all for cutting down on drinking and driving. It's senseless, and is completely avoidable. Worst of all, the people that usually get injured, or killed, are not the ones that were drinking... it's the people that the drunk guy hit. I drove tow truck once upon a time, and for many years.... it's disturbing how many avoidable accidents there are.

As for the restrictions... that's our government, doing what is best for "us"... or so they think. But, we elected them right? I ride a sportbike as well... they are pushing through a bill now that says that no person under the age of 14 can be a passenger on a motorcycle. How stupid is that?!? 2 years later though... you can run out and buy a 1400cc superbike and go kill yourself... that's okay.

I have issues with the 50km/h over law where they take your vehicle... but don't want to spark that debate either... it's like fighting religion or politics... (which it is... political).

I agree with tougher driving schools, and maybe even re-testing in the first few years, or harsher demerit point systems until you have your license for 5 years... etc. But if the little buggers get to go to race school to learn how to drive... the rest of us older fellers are going to be jealous.
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i'm all for the drinking and driving cause i know my self one beer and thats fine cause it dont do any thing to me but 2 beers i'll wait 3 hours befor i go any where or spend the night or get a ride from ym parents.

the driving wiht one teenage passenger dont really effect me casue i can only take one passenger. but one speeding ticket and ur licence is gone now thats just bullshit in my books. but i dont speed alot. i'll do 5 over on city strees and on the high way 10 over and thats it, and 15km/h is when they start taking points off anyways. so i think it should be somthing like for 10 over 3points and goes up from there and if you get more then 3 speeding tickets then you should have to go to a meeting at the MTO and tell them why you should keep ur licence and thats it. and speeding tickes only stay in ur record for 3 years right?. and talking to a friend earlyer tonight saying, for speeders 5km/h over there going to take you offf the road. in my books this is pretty ****ing stupid.

i wont brink in drive and my subs take up my back seat. so i can only have once passenger. but the speeding law. is fine for like 10 over but any thing is is reduntent.

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Hmmm a rehash of BC's graduated licencing program.. Almost exactly to the "T". So, if they can brag that ON will have the safest roads in the world, then BC should have 5 years ago when the program hit full swing.. Ooops, I'm afraid not. our roads aren't terrible, but they're far from being the "safest in the world" - thats a pretty arrogant statement!

So, teens will continue to break the rules like every other teen, and parents will neglect to discipline and monitor their kids as well as they should, and the world will go right back to the way it was before the "new laws". Maybe Mr. Mulcahy should do a little more travelling and studying first before making such statements, but yes it will help somewhat and really thats all that matters. LR

Matt T.

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points off your drivers licence in 3 yrs but off your insurance in 7yrs....

when i just got my licence they started the graduated crap it didnt work then and it still doesnt they need to comeup with something else the good things are the cell phone ban's the distraction stuff the 1 person thing would work so would limiting radio volume i love my music but its a distraction to a new driver... the drinking thing well my licence is my job so ive never taken the risk never would it shouldnt be an issue with a young driver its illegal to drink under 19 anyways....

(even tho most of us have probly done it)
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I really think that limiting the number of passengers is a really good idea. I see too many teenagers paying too much attention to what's going on in the backseat instead of paying attention to the road.

I think limiting the volume on the radio and banning cell phones in cars is a great way to prevent distractions. What really scares me is seeing people reading their text message while driving, and worst of all seeing them text back! YIKES!

Just my 2 cents.

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