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Mastercraft Storage Solutions

Been pretty impressed lately with some of the Mastercraft goodies I've scooped up, thought I'd throw in a $.02 review.

This shit's on sale at Canadian Tire every other week, and meets some pretty basic criteria for my purposes.

I was always a Craftsman guy, but lately I've been disappointed with the quality of their stuff, so gave Mastercraft a try.

(Also doesn't hurt having over $100 in free CTC money on my credit card from buying gas on a regular basis, so it's like free money)

It's reasonably priced, decent quality, and assembles and fits together well with decently sturdy hardware.

Parts look to be a powder coat type finish, it's definitely too durable to be straight paint.

The workspace tops on the workbenches are solid wood, an inch and a half thick.

Casters are beefy as hell, and the locking mechanism is not flimsy in the least.

Use the larger work bench ($270) in the garage, and a storage cabinet ($99) for my detailing stuff.

(Bottem unit is a good spot for a ford decal

Got the five foot Storage Cabinet waiting in the wings...

Smaller workbench ($225 I think), went in the basement...

Lag bolted the bench grinder and vise directly on the tabletop...spins around to allow access to both.

Two thumbs up, recommend it for general around the house use.

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