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Well, based on your review I picked up the medium size upright storage cabinet with the 2 doors. It was $249.

I bought it for work, to keep my tools and sundry other crap, because I find the mechanic's tool chests with all the drawers don't really cut it for me. We also have ZERO space at our shop now. For a lot less money, this has enough room to store my tool bags, a file box, hard hat, and bigger 36" wrenches, which you can't do with a regular tool chest. Smaller items can go in bins on the shelves.

I've only taken the parts out of the box to inspect them, but I have to say I'm pretty impressed with the quality, especially for the low price. I thought it would be cheaply screwed together with self-tapping sheet metal screws, but it's actually made with machine screws and threaded inserts. Overall, they seem to have put a lot of thought into designing these.

I'm going to replace the levelling feet (also very heavy duty) with some swivelling wheels, so it'll be my refrigerator-size mobile tool cabinet. And if I ever get fired, it'll look good in my garage!

Thanks for posting your review, this really has solved an on-going hassle for me.

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