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Home Garden Tractors - recommendations ??

Been toying with the idea of buying a garden tractor for use around the house, but not really sure what would fit the bill, so figured why not start a discussion and see if anyone out there has one, or has some experiences, good or bad.

First up - what sort of service am I looking for ?

At the most basic, I'm looking to cut grass in the summer, and blow snow in the winter.

I don't have a huge property by any means, but with the push mower I'm averaging about an hour start to finish.

Figure that could be cut down considerably with a ride-on mower.

More importantly, I'd like to be able to blow snow in the winter. Again, not a huge is a double wide mind you, and you could probably fit four cars no problem.

I have a fairly capable snowblower, but there are several things working against me : prevailing winds and orientation of the houses around me make for great drifting near the end of my driveway, coupled with a corner lot and sometimes significant banks from the town plow. Get a crappy winter and you could be out there twice a day at least.

Normally, I just plow through the banks, or jump over the higher ones with the Raptor, , but my wifes Edge isn't so nimble, or airworthy.

Prices seem to be not too bad for these can get a John Deere at Home Depot for less than $2000, but what does that get you?

I'm looking for some horsepower numbers, ease of swapping out attachments (say mower to blower), drive systems etc.

Not sure if I can justify having a toy like this, but discussion never hurt right ??

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