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like LayinHP said, all lightduty ones are basically the same, just with different color hoods.
to get into a good one, you gotta spend a significant amount of money.
then the weights, chains, blower for the winter on top of that.
you say you have a good snowblower now, i am not sure that one that you hook to your lawn tractor would be signficantly better than what i would deem a 'good' walk behind.
if it takes you an hour all told to cut your grass now with a push mower, you likely wont be saving that much time with a tractor if youre anal like i am.
still going to be trimming around the trees, etc. with the push mower.
an hour means a smaller yard, so lotsa turnin n backin up with the tractor unless you get a zero turn one but then i dotn think you could hook a blower to it in teh winter.
dont get me wrong, new toys are always fun.
but it seems like a lawntractor wont fit the bill for what youre after.
suck it up and push the grass in the summer, get a quad with a blade for plowing the driveway in winter and have fun with it at other times.
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