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Originally Posted by Ol Skool View Post
As I understand it, Dutch is the first language of Belgium. Followed by French. I read that over 60% of your country is Dutch, 38% French, and 2% German. It sounds alot like Canada. We have 2 official languages too. French and East Indian. with a few English thrown in for balance. LOL . Sometimes it seems that way. Actually, It's English and French. Too many languages just serve to confuse people and commerce
My Family is Dutch. From Dokkum Friesland Netherlands. We travel there about every 3 years, 2011 being the last time. My Cousin, Who is a diamond buyer, living in De Boer travels to Belgium alot. We are going to visit them in 2014. I'm going to see if we can take a trip there, as it sounds like a beautiful country. As for Auto Wreckers that ship to Europe, I know that 400 Auto Wreckers ships to Oz, I can't see why they couldn't ship to Europe. I will check with them, and let you know.

when I went to Agricultural college back in the 80s , the male population was 80% dutch, 10% irish and 10% english no east indians
I'm Welsh/Irish/Swiss, no alegiences.

the dutch boys would always say "if you ain't dutch you ain't much"
the rest of us would say "should have brought twice as many half as far"
then the fists would fly and keg would get opened. only place I was ever the little guy. those crazy buggers would fight each other just for the fun of it! local bar would empty out as soon as we showed up.

oops sorry no more highjack.
cheers James

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