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Originally Posted by Mrmagoo View Post
Don't confuse the poor man Gerry. I am sure they have their share of East Indians!
yes we have.

Originally Posted by 68Mercury250Ranger View Post
when I went to Agricultural college back in the 80s , the male population was 80% dutch, 10% irish and 10% english no east indians
I'm Welsh/Irish/Swiss, no alegiences.

the dutch boys would always say "if you ain't dutch you ain't much"
the rest of us would say "should have brought twice as many half as far"
then the fists would fly and keg would get opened. only place I was ever the little guy. those crazy buggers would fight each other just for the fun of it! local bar would empty out as soon as we showed up.

oops sorry no more highjack.
cheers James
no problem i like this type of story it's great to read this tread..
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