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It's a year old thread, but the writing was on the wall, and all it took was another winter wrestling with the goddamn snowblower to prompt me to pick up this baby....

2001 John Deere 425, complete with soft cab, full hydraulics, mower, blower and tire chains, 20 hp Kawisaki gas engine, complete as a package.

Cab doors are removable for summer use.

Attachments are shaft drive, super easy to swap from mower to blower.

I didn't really buy this to cut grass, it's mostly for blowing snow.

Between a corner lot, and prevailing winds, I get a shitload of drifting and then there's the town plow's contribution at the end of the driveway. lol

Got a friend of mine that has one and took it for a test drive back in February, kept my eyes open and picked it up from Huron Tractor, just outside Walkerton on HWY6.

Nice little machine, used to take me an hour or so to cut the grass in the hot sun with a 21" push mower , now I'm in the shade, drinking a coffee and less than 15 minutes.

It's got 1200 some odd hours on it, but it was well maintained, one owner, and the price was right.

Incidentally, this is no Home Depot machine, everything is pretty heavy duty for a home garden tractor, which suits me fine.

Maybe all I need now is to fabricate myself a stack for the front end, right Blair ???

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