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I ended up finding a R40 Reddy Heater for $100 (!!!), brand new in the box with a manual. It puts out 55,000 BTU and can run on kerosene, diesel, or Jet A-1 fuel. Since I live near the municipal airport, I'll wander by there some time and see if they'll sell me some Jet A-1. It should be cheaper than kerosene, because you're buying it in bulk, rather than kerosene in those little plastic jugs. Diesel is cheap, but I think it'd end up being quite stinky.

I can't use a space heater or anything with an open flame when I'm doing woodwork in the garage, due to danger of dust explosion. MDF is particularly dusty when you cut it. So it has to be either electric, or some sort of external forced air heater.

For woodworking, I'll just sit the heater on some sort of platform outside my garage and duct it through the window. I'll make a baffle that sits nicely in the window frame.

I know everyone was recommending insulating the garage, but I don't have the bucks for that right now, and I'll only be heating occasionally. So I'll try it this way for one season is see how it goes.

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Just a couple of questions, are the studs still exposed ? I stapled plastic bags from chesterfields that furniture stores threw out and graciously donated the little foam peanuts when I asked for them.The peanuts I poured in between the studs and helps keep me toasty on winter evenings. If your walls are covered some of the industrial park places are glad to get rid of left over bubble wrap,when stuffed between rafters keeps heat in too...Ogre
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Yes, it has 2x6 studs and they're exposed.

Your method of insulation certainly seems creative and affordable. I don't know if it would meet building code, though. I wonder what a stray spark from a MIG welder would do to that? I may want to sell this place someday -- plus an 18'x30' building with 8' walls would be a hell of a lot of styrofoam peanuts!

If I ever do insulate the garage, I'll do it properly with fiberglass batts and drywall. I've roughly priced out the materials, and it's do-able.

There is one other method of heating a garage, though. I remember on Star Trek they'd sometimes heat up a huge boulder with their phasers, as sort of a ghetto campfire. Phasers I got plenty -- it's getting that giant boulder into my garage that's the problem.

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I'd loan you my transporter but the di-lithium crystals are worn out and the new ones are on back . 18x30! that's a palace! I'm lucky to have 12x20 and 6'6" ceilings to boot!Even had to shorten the arm on the cherry picker. Are there any scrap 40'trailers out your way? They have 4x8 plywood sheets pop- rivited in and a 3/16 in a cordless drill will get you a lot of wall covering for a cheap price.
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you used to be able to get kerosene in 5gal pails at TSC..... we get them at work (or did outwest) right from a company like esso in bulk on skids not sure what they payed but its not 1L jugs at least

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?? always looking for a new ford project !
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Ogre --
Believe me, I feel damn lucky to have this new garage. I've dreamed of having my own garage/workshop for a very, very long time. Some men dream of having their own private jet, or a yacht. I'm happy just to have a place to install tire plugs without getting rained on.

The old one that was on this property when I bought it was the same size as yours. Mine was a total piece of crap, though, probably 50 or 60 years old, and needed to get thrown in the bush. Actually, my old garage was more like a bunch of garbage, sort of piled into the shape of a garage.

Plus I think it was built on an old indian burial ground -- and you know how that goes.

I've seen bigger containers of kerosene around, like at Princess Auto or Peaveymart. We don't have TSC here. I'm pretty sure a jerry can of jet fuel would be cheaper, though. It's almost identical to kerosene. In fact I've heard they have to throw away the fuel left in the hoses after they load a plane, because of the risk it may be contaminated with moisture, or something. But I'm sure they must put it to some use. That would add up to a lot of wasted jet fuel over time. Maybe they use it for cleaning ... or heating their garages?!

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Looking at the heater, it looks like the construction style where they are basically a flame in a tube.

Have you given any consideration to ventilation? If you're firing the byproducts of combustion into the occupied space, that's a great way to unknowingly take an extended nap :-(

I would either look at a forced air furnace (indirect combustion) or a low-intensity infrared tube heater.
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Oh yeah! The overhead door will be cracked an inch or two (10' wide). Also, I have a carbon monoxide detector.

Other than that, the building is reasonably well ventilated. It has soffit vents along one 30' side, and 3 or 4 roof vents. These types of heater are perfectly safe, so long as you provide ventillation. They're meant for heating enclosed areas.

They do sell a similar style construction heater with a heat-exchanger. The combustion products go up a little chimney. Unfortunately, the one I looked at was $1700.

In an ideal world, the concrete pad would have tubing run for hydronic heating, but I gotta live within my means.

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Hmmmm budget...... damn that word!

I too have built a new garage and other than the radiant in floor tubing and the concrete floor I did it all myself to save money.
Now I need to do the electrical, run H20 and natural gas for the heat. Then insulation and close up the inside. I also have run into the lack of money flow to finish up the project as quick as I had hoped but when I get it done I will truly enjoy my 26x28 man cave

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my pad has a big crack in it. in the winter it raises the middle so my garage door dosnt close on the side. quick sketch

i have been thinking of jackhammering out the pad and pouring new with in floor heat. anyone done anything like this.?

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