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CTC Boxing Week sale

I'm not usually one of throwing promotions out there, but I gotta give credit to CTC lately.

This is a good week to add to your tool collection……

Picked up a 250 piece Mastercraft Maximum socket set, regular $500, on for $125.

Reciprocating (Sawzall) Blade Set - regular $60, on for $15.

Wall Storage Cabinet for the basement, got one in the garage already, regular $150, on for $100.

And, as icing on the cake, got the one day special $50 Promo Card on top of all that, so ended up saving almost twice as much as I spent.

Going back today to pick up another full size storage cabinet to use in the basement as well, it's on sale too, and plan to use the $50 Promo Card to offset the cost a bit.

The 250 piece socket set is a bit misleading, the number is padded up with the inclusion of Allen keys and a screwdriver bit set, as well as Torx, Phillips and Robertson socket drivers, but WTF, for $125 it's a pretty solid little set.

Not sure if I should have put this under my Christmas Wish List thread, or in the Tools section, but seeing as I was buying for myself, I suppose this is the better choice. lol

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