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All great points Mike!

Something else to add is there return /price match policy.

If you do buy something not on sale.
Their price match policy is only 14 days, but return policy is 90.
So basically the price match policy is 90 days.

I've out had to do that once.
My work Dremel broke and I had to run out and get another. It wasn't on sale but I needed it. Paid the $50.
3 weeks later it was on for $20 bucks. I brought in my receipt and she they went on to explain their price match policy is only 14 days. I then said "okay, but your return policy is 90 days..??" She looked at me like a deer in headlights. I then said "you do you realize what I'm about to do right?!?!" She said nothing.

So I turned around walked over to the shelf grabbed the Dremel, bought the Dremel, walked out the store and walked back in to the customer service desk. Told the same girl I'd like to return this and put my original receipt on the counter. She asks for my phone number for the return. Never bothered to ask me why, or if there was anything wrong. I wonder why. Lol either way, could have made the experience better as she could have done that at the counter. But live and learn.

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