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Turning out to be more helpful hints here than I figured, thanks for chiming in with the tips fellows.

So, got my full size storage cabinet this morning, identical to this one in the garage.

CTC has a promo on for today only, where if you have the Options Mastercard and use your CTC money on the card, they'll give it back to you on your January statement, up to a maximum of $75.

Stay with me and check this out:

Full size Mastercraft Maximum storage cabinet, regular $320, on for $270.

$270 minus the $50 promo card I got yesterday = $220

$220 minus $100 I had on the CTC card from buying gas etc = $120

20x CTC money back on the card for in store purchases from Dec 21 to 24 = $25, price now down to $95

$75 CTC money back on my card on my January statement means that the $350 some odd dollar Maximum storage cabinet cost me $25 out of pocket.


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