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LED Upgrade question

LED upgrade question, but not 100% what you would expect.

Considering upgrading the four inch halogens on my garden tractor to LED's, and been doing some research.

I know Travis is pretty busy these days with his Resident Mad Scientist Jr, but I'm guessing he'll be the guy with the answers, and perhaps even the equipment?

So, some basic facts as I know them…..

The John Deere has a 12Vdc system, with a 20A alternator, and I just replaced the 8 year old battery with a 340 CCA Eliminator.

I'm debating between 27W LED's and 48W LED's off Ebay.

Here's the 27W units…

Sellers photo….

48W units look exactly the same, obviously a few more LED's.

The difference comes with the amount of amperage.

27W draw 2.25A, cost with shipping approx $100

48W draw 4.0A. cost with shipping approx $150

Here's the 48W…

So…the question is, will the 27W be adequate, or get the 48W ?

Don't do a whole lot of clearing snow at night, so it's not like they'd be used extensively, but I like the idea of more light not so much to see, but to BE SEEN by any traffic.

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