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led dash lights

not sure if i ever posted this but i finished this mod a while ago heres i write up that i did, not the best but gives you a good idea
well i finally got it done

well to do the dash lights is easy, simply just replace the current bulb with an led bulb, mine took five 194 led bulds and two 74 led bulds. the door lock and window switches are a little more complicated, for this you will need a solding iron with the desolder tool, and 3mm leds. start by dissasembling the switch. carefully pry up on the button.
now if you have a small vice it comes in handy to hold the switch for you. so now with the switch in the vice you should be able to see where the leds, yes the lights that are in there are leds. come through the back of the switch. there should 4 spots that are soldered. you want to desolder these areas, should look like the photo when you are done desoldering

now carefully lift the little led prongs so that you can pull the led out. now leds do have + and -. so you want to put the new led in the same way, take a note of how it came out. now simply push your new led in and solder it

when done soldering you can snip the ends down

now just repeat the process for the rest of your switches.
if you find that the bulds are too bright the factory has installed resistors in the switch already but it might not be enough, so in this case all you need to do is desolder the resistor that is already there and replace it with a bigger one to knock down the brightness of the led. i never replaced them, but its up to you.

now for the cruise buttons

first off sorry i don't have any pics of these but i will explain the best that i can.

ok, the first thing you want to do is disconnect the battery and let the truck sit for a couple min, and then pull the air bag fuse.
on the sides of the steering wheel there sre two little tabs, pull them off and underneith you will find two small bolts that hold the air bag cover on the steering wheel. take these bolts off and pull the cover off. unhook the wiring and carefully pull the air bag off and set aside. the buttons just pop out so unhook the wires and pull them off.
take the button apart to expose the bulb. They are regular BULBS and not LED's. The trick is break the bulb, you want to expose the the wires. Then flip the switch over and pull the wires out carefully. You DONT want to break the factory joints that solder those wires into the switch. Then, just push your LED's through the holes that the old bulb wires just come out of. You will also need to install a resistor on the first bulb to knock the brightness down and so you don't blow the LED bulb. Solder the bulb wires to the LED wires and your good to go.
The cruise switch bulbs are wired in SERIES, meaning power goes IN one bulb wire, and out the other wire before going to the next bulb. Because LED's are directional, you need to keep your (+) an (-) wires in the right order. Its best to test with a multimeter in the truck to verify what side is (+) and (-). i ended up doing a couple over lol.

hope this helps you guys a bit if you have anymore questions i will help the best that i can. you can thank forgotton.net for the photos there is more on his web site, he gave me permission to use them so thanks Daryl. also if any of you attempt this and take pics we can always add to this
thanks for the interest

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Nice Job,....cool mod

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me likey

Really? Its the Internet take it easy.
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Looks great... wanna do mine for me? LOL

Let me know when you're in the area, and I'll schedule some down time so you can get busy on my truck.
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Nice mode looks like tedious work.

I only drive in the city, to get out of it!!!
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Thumbs up

Looks great, my hats off to you. I would not have had the patience to do that install.
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yeah it took a long time, first time soldering too, i have one light in the dash that is loose and keeps flickering so now i have to pull the dash apart to push it in. but it was kind of fun and a great learning experience

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Did you order your LED's from Alan Parekh Online in Winnipeg? If so, how was he to deal with (speed of order,accuracy, etc.) If not where did you get them from? I need about 40 of them so "The Source" is not an option. Also what size resistor did you wind up using and are you perfectly happy with the illumination at night or would you slightly increase or decrease the resistor value to adjust? I am just about to start this project; your help is really appreciated

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What size resistor would you recommend? Thinking about doing this as well. Thanks
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Here is a more in depth write up:

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