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New Noise after IWE Actuator Replacement

Hi guys, i'm hoping one of you may be able to shine some light on a problem that my truck has developed.

For the past couple of months my truck had been intermittently having a grinding noise/vibration in the front end. Generally low speed only, 40-50Km/h . The noise/vibration would go away as soon as I shifted out of 2wd in to 4wd. After doing much research I figured it was the IWE actuator that was causing the problem. I took my truck in to my normal mechanic this week and had them look in to the problem and they after some digging agreed that it was likely a bad IWE actuator causing the problem. They had my truck 4 days as after they replaced the IWE actuator on the driver side they noticed a new problem, a problem which I had never experience until they worked on my truck.

Intermittently at highway speeds, around 90-95Km/h, I get a buzzing noise coming from the front end. There is no vibration in the truck, just the noise. Honestly I'm stumped, prior to my truck being in the shop I never experienced anything like this, and thought my problem would be solved after the IWE replacement. Now I've got a truck making an intermittent noise and a mechanic that isn't sure what the problem might be.

Do any of you guys have any suggestions or things to look at. Maybe someone has had a similar situation.

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