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quick Q regarding wireing to coils

just wanna ask , before I go out looking for a plug, the wireing to the coils on my 5.4 - is this a sepperate harness that plugs into the main engine compartment harness with a connector , or , is it all one piece / part of the engine compartment harness

asking because if the coil wireing is sepperate it makes working on it much easier if I can do it on the bench

even better would be being able to go buy a new coil harness if it's a sepperate piece

K , reason I ask
I have a MSD stacker 8 ign box I wanna install

I have new wire to coil connectors and terminals & the msd box runs a wire to each coil

I'd much rather add these wires by swaping on the new connectors and adding the new wire at the terminal rather than spliceing it in

and that would be a whole lot easier to do on the bench rather than hanging over the fender

that , and ford really wraped those wires tight - not leaveing much for them to bend as they reach the coils

I'd like to free up the ends a little too so as to try to take the "streach" out of the wires as they reach the coils
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Replace broken coil pack with new oem Coil pack. Never heard of anyone running an ignition box on any lightning running way more Hp /tq then your gonna see.

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ya , they stoped makeing the MSD stacker 8 boxes long long ago

guess they didn't sell well with a list price of 7-8 hun - mine was much much cheeper

it's for coil on plug or coil pack systems - no rpm chip , no tuneing , just a low rpm multy spark CD igtn box so it really was over priced in the day

google links for anyone wondering - stacker 8 ??


now it's discontinued I think you have to buy 2 msd dis 4 boxes and run one for each bank - but that would be stupidly expensive

I also have a set of these on the way - but from Jegs

if I can get another 1-2 mpg outta the truck I'll be up to 26-7 mpg
not to shabby .. & that's about equal to an 86 daytona turbo z 2.2 4 cyl

granted , that's at 40-55 mph - with the edge tuner on level 3 (4)
anything over 55 and the mileage drops back to 17-20

but I don't do much highway driveing

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Jegs ... back order .. my coil to plug connectors

hopefully they send em on the 16th - last time they back ordered something on me it ended up takeing 2 months before I told them to forget the back orderd part and just send my stuff
- they had said it was gonna be a few more months - that time

that was for the stainless front brake hoses but I guess it was for the best as my almost front hub fire would have killed the passenger side one

had a caliper sieze - so said the dealer who did the brakes a few months before
- melted the hub cap right off the truck

the first 3 buckets of water I threw on the wheel evaporated instantly and after , it was way to hot to stand beside as I sorted through the stuff I dumped outta my wallet on the hood lookin for my caa card
so hot I had to go around to the other side of the truck

- melted the abs sensor right off the knuckle - there wasn't much left of the wireing lead to it either and I think it killed that shock too as it's never been quite the same ride since
I have doubts about that tire too being it was so so hot

the old brake hose looked like it had been a little to close to a fire too so the lineing of the stainless hose prob would have been toast too

just glad I stoped at a gas station when the wheel started to feel odd - like it was low on air - I got a real suprise when I got out and walked around to the pass front corner

another few miles I deffinately woulda had a fire happening
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to answer your question, the OE coil pigtails are part of the main engine harness. they do not separate. if one pigtail is broken then replacement Motorcraft pigtails are available via your local Ford store.

my two cents? save your money on the ignition junk. unless you have a broken component then none of these replacements will better your mileage.

the stock coils have more than enough jam to be able to fire off a good spark - and that's when the truck was new. as the truck ages and compression drops so does the voltage required to fire a spark.

save your money and spend it on fuel instead. drive with a lighter right foot, and if it has been a while replace your fuel filter, spark plugs and air filter. modern ignition systems leave almost nothing wanting.

2003 GMC Sierra 3500 -- dually, 4x4, hasn't blown up yet and that's what i look for in a truck

Ford Doctor -- They come in broken and leave fixed. Ford of Canada Master Tech
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ah thanks - I figured the wireing would be all one piece - typical of ford over the years

no worries about wasteing money on parts _ I already have lol
msd ign box came with a box of new msd coils for less than the cost of the dealer installing 1 o-e coil
(substancially less when I turn down "ford's recomended efi service" at the same time)

always nice of the dealer to ask if you would like to spend more when your already WASTEING money on their bad designs to begin with lol

the Granatelli stainless cable coil leads prety much sold themselves after seeing the coil spring ford used - coil boots that came with em also seem to fit much tighter on the coils too

I've been driveing this truck for 4-5 years now , since my father who bought it new had to give up driveing due to age
I've already put 3 coils in it and he had more coils replaced than I can count now
ford long ago made way more than their fair share from this coil issue of their own invention so I honestly refuse to give em 1 cent more towards coils

- that'd be why I bought 1 spare new msd coil for the console - pretty sure I'll eventually need it

to add , I read some think part of the issue may be water getting in through the hood to cowel gap - but I think maybe not as I've driven for a year & a half with no rubber seal there - it gets deleated when you install a "street scene" smooth fiberglass cowel top though I'm going to try installing a 73-9 hood / cowel seal strip as it looks like it should fit

I had wanted to put a full set of known freash coils in the truck back before I needed the
3rd coil replaced - blew out the plug - so I'd thought I had done ok scooping the mds's and the box for $250
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