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Changing your Fuel Filter....=Happy!!!

I got board today an decided to change my fuel filter and WOW! it was dirty...I suggest at least for the older trucks to do it or get it done asap if it's been a while or you don't know when it was last done, if ever.

So here is how I did it, very easy 10-15minutes once you have everything together

This is for my 99 F150, 97-03 is the same and other + years are probly very simmilar if not the same.

Start by getting your filter and the Tool (you NEED the special tool) I got mine from Napa. Make sure you get the rite tool cause the place I went first sold me a 4 in one(for air condition clamps too) and they all were too big, Napa had the right one. Just ask for the fuel filter tool for fords they will know, there's all kinds mine was the scissor ones.

Make sure you have safty's a must for this job and no treble llights or anthing that could cause fires. If you need a light use small fllash light.

So let your truck cool completly. Then you have to relive the pressure from your fuel lines.

1. Pull you fuel pump fuse(fuse #10, fuse box that's under the hood , but make sure that it's the same for your truck in your owners manual, fuse for fuel pump only!)

2. Start the truck and let it die, mine spuddered for about 3 seconds,most of the fuel pressure is gone now.

3. Locate the fuel filter. Sould be on driverside in the frame rail a few inches from the gas tank towards the motor....hard to miss

4. Get somthing to catch the gas it makes a mess, I lost about 200ml by the time I was done. I just let it pour on the ground but others may care more then me...enviroment, cracks the driveway..........

5. PUT YOUR GLASSES ON, and don't work directly underneath the filter, work off to the side.

6. I sprayed the conectors real good with WD to get off the dirt and undercoating to help the tool fit properly.

7. Undo the safty clips from the clamps. push the bottom up then push towards the filter and let it dangle form the hose, no need to force it

8. Now the fun part. put the tool around the filter piece and push the coupling towards the fuel filter while pushing the tool into the coupling until the lip of the tool is in the coupling you kind of hear a click. then with the tool inside pull the coupling out. You may have to force a little but not too much.(no pic of the actual action, I was busy doing it)

The coupling closest to the tank is easy but the one towards the motor is a little harder. I got the tool in as good as I coud then used a pair on needle nose pliers to GENTLY pry between the tool and conector, poped off no problem.

Gas Will spill out with a small amount of pressure that is left, that's what the glasses are for, I never got any on my glasses but it can easly happen, trust me my buddy did it one time and it don't look fun. Have a rag on hand to whipe your hands too, gas is irratating on skin.

9. Pop the old filter from the bracket and put in the new one, make shure the outlet part with an arrow is pointing towards the motor snap the couplings back in the new filter (you will hear a click sound) and reuse the safety clamps that are hanging from the connectors.

10. I waited a good 20 minutes before inserting the fuse and starting it, just to let any gas/fumes evaporate.

It started just fine I let it idle for a few seconds then I put it at 1500 to 2000rpm for a minut or two to fill up the new filter. She sputtered lot's and wanted to completly stall a few times but it got better an better until it was perfect again, I never stalled I said it only took one or two minutes to run normal again.

The gas in the old filter looked more like mud, so I cut it open to see and It was really really dirty!! It's not like I just got 10hp or anything but I do notice a difference (better response) with a clean filter and it's gotta help everything else work a little easier too.

The last pic......That's gas and dirt in the corner of the outlet outside the filter but inside the filter houseing, that's how dirty it was.....I don't know what color the filter is originaly but it was a very dark brown, like you see in the pic. the gas comming out of the outlet(to the motor) was brown too, the gas from the inlet(from the tank) was clear....OUCH!!!!

I only drive in the city, to get out of it!!!

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Oh ya, if you get little plastic clamps with your new filter you wont need them, unless you see those exact clips on your filter. It's a universal filter, plastic clamps are for other vehicles, the F150's have the reusable metal safety clamps

It should aslo only cost less then 35$ taxes in, for the filter(15$) and tool(15$). I paid 26$ total cause the tool had been brought back by a gm guy that got the wrong tool, it was used but never used...

I only drive in the city, to get out of it!!!
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Looks like your filter wasn't filtering anymore.. I wouldn't be surprised if you got a lift in gas mileage..

I think your filter is supposed to be a yellow paper looking..
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Good write up.That filter was pretty dirty!!!

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aka 1LOW03GT
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Ya that's cool, do it whenever

I only drive in the city, to get out of it!!!

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I don't know when it was last replaced and I waited way too long, it's up to 253k now, I think I will be changing that minimum once a year since it's will only cost 15$ next time. (I plan on getting a remanufactured engine in the near future, might go Bullet Series but that's another 3k added to the bill, but worth it, all Extreme Duty aftermarket engine parts.)Gotta take care of the rear diff first...

I only drive in the city, to get out of it!!!
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very nice write-up!!!
i am planning on changing mine tomorrow or saturday, so the pics really help put this job into perspective for me!

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i change mine every other oil change. I only put 15k max on a year thou.

Really? Its the Internet take it easy.
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Great instructions the filter material, starts out as either white or a dark yellow paper. When the filter gets that dirty it tends to put more load on the fuel pump as it has to work harder to keep the pressure up. Which means the pump will die sooner.

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One of the first things i did when i got my truck was replace the fuel filter. We did the same on my friends truck. He just got a 94 F150, so we went through it and did a complete tune up. It took us about 2-3 hours of fighting with the filter to get it off, and when we poured out the gas that was left in the filter it honest to god looked black. He said the truck runs 100x better after our tune up.

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