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4.6L 2-valve to 4-valve?

Just wondering if anyone has done this or if it is possible to do?
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i found this on the net ....theres more on the mustang forms. fyi just up grade to a 5.4 with some bolt ons it will be cheeper.

The easiest way to do a 4v will be to buy complete engine and swap it over. I dont think it would be cost effective to piece out the swap and use your short block.

Lets look at it realistically.

1: Used B heads, unknown condition - $200 - $400 (Hopefully they are Cobra heads with Cobra cams,.. else expect to be down 20 RWHP with Lincoln cams vs Cobra cams) Add $100 - $200 if they dont come with Cobra cams and you need to buy the Cobra intake cam. (4v all use the same exhaust cam profile)

2: Felpro MLS head gaskets - $50 x2 = $100

3: 4v B head valve covers - $100

4: Felpro valve cover gasket kit - $85

5: Cobra intake - $300 - $600 (Add $100 - $200 if it doesnt come with a throttle body)

6: Felpro intake and IMRC gasket kit - $45

7: 4V front timing cover - $30 - $75

6: Felpro timing cover gasket kit - $30

7: Front timing cover crank seal (Not included in timing cover kit) $12

8: Timing chain tensioners - $40 x2 = $80

9: Timing chains primary - $35 x2 = $70

10: Timing chains secondary - $29 x2 = $60

11: Cobra fuel rail and 24lb injectors - $75 - $100

12: 4V Thermostat, thermostat housing, upper and lower coolant hoses - $100

13: Belt tensioner assembly - $50

14: Serpentine belt $20

15: Stock Cobra exhaust manifolds $20 - $50
16: BBK, Mac, Hooker or similar Headers - $300 - $400 (Used) $550 - $900 (New)

17: Exhaust manifold gaskets - $15

18: BBK, UPR or similar CAI with filter - $100 (Used) $250 - $300 (New)

19: Cobra throttle and cruise control cables (GT cables will be too short) - $100

Grand total - 'Roughly' $1800 and thats not including exhaust headers or manifolds. And this is assuming you will be doing all the labor.

Alternative# 1

Find a 94 - 98 Mark8 engine or whole carr.
Something like this would have been ideal,..

Link: CARS YOU FIX: 1993 Lincoln Mark Viii Link

Then part out the rest of the car.

Most Mark8 engines in running condition can be had for $400 - $600.

96 98 Cobra intake cams - $200.

96 - 98 Cobra intake with TB, $500

Used CAI - $100

Reuse the GT wiring harness and computer.

Total = $1350

Alternative #2

Find used Cobra engine, Aviator engine, Navigator engine, Mach1 engine, - I've seen them as low as $1000 and as much as $2500 complete with low miles. You just gotta shop around.

As far as installation,.. everything is pretty much a bolt in. No modifications needed. Even if you use a later Aviator or Navigator engine that originally used COPs,.. your 4.6 ignition modules will bolt to the front of those heads just like they did on your 4.6 and are perfectly fine for a performance application on those engines. Stock GT engine harness,.. just have to extend a couple wires for the injectors to reach around the manifold. If you use a 99+ motor will need a 99+ manifold,.. Pre 99 will be relegated to a 96 - 98 Cobra manifold as your only real performance option. The stock GT ECU is fine. May run a little rich untuned. The thing is to not mix and match wiring harnesses. If you plan to use a 2001 engine with 2001 engine harness,.. you will need the 2001 indash/ECU harness as well. The pin outs at the firewall are different for different models. Even within the same year,.. say 96 GT and 96 Cobra,.. the wiring harness' are not compatable with each other. The pin outs at the block are different. I went through this with mine trying to use a 96 Cobra engine harness with a internal wiring harness. I couldnt even start the car with the key,.. the pin out to engage the starter was different. Brian of EFI-Unlimited spent 4 hours re-pinning it and it still wasnt 100%. Wouldnt go to closed loop because of an O2 read problem. Replacing the Cobra harness with the GT harness fixed it.

Also,.. if you use a pre 99 engine you will need to perform an IMRC delete or manually lock the plates open else the engine will choke on it self at over 3500 RPM because the plates are stuck closed.

I dont know all of the details with the 99+ engines. Kelly (Modular Performance) or both Brians (BVH or EFI-Unlimited) know alot more about those then I do. I know enough to make it work in a 96 - 98 car. I know more about the 96 - 98 engines because thats what I have had hands on experience with. But I know enough that if you get a later model engine that I would feel comfortable enough to help you install it correctly and enough that I know it will start and at at least run well enough that you can drive it to a tuner with out destroying it.

You tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is 'never try'. -Homer Simpson
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