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Oil Change Questions

Hey guys, So after putting 5000km on my truck, I would usually do an oil change. Now, after doing some research I have found out that the manual says to do it from 8000-10,000 km. In addition, I have gone to the dealer and they have also stuck by this information citing that it's "new technology" and "it is different from older engines-04-08/09". However, I understand that this could just be dealer bull and sure enough if I listen to them and something breaks down (eventually) out of warranty they will be right their to sell me a new truck.

Additional information:
oil and filter changes are free at this dealer only every 8-10,000 km. They use motocraft semi blend and motocraft filter.

I have also found better results in synthetic oil than semi blend or regular oil. Also, my truck has the 5.0 engine.

So, my question to you guys is: What intervals do you change your oil at? and why? Which oil do you use, and why?
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quaker state full synthetic, every 5-7,000 k. used and ABUSED for over 10 years on my daily driver, so nothing else is going in my new truck. Don't put too much thought into this, it's just oil. Unless you plan on doing some heavy hauling with your truck pretty much any quality name brand oil is going to be fine, just follow your truck manual,as per service intervals, It'll be all good. ( I would not let the dealer change my oil if my life depended on it, IMHO)
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I change my oil every 6 months as I don't put the mileage on it, last oil change I still had 3000 km to go but the truck said " oil change required " I use a semi synthetic oil and a fram double guard filter I also do my own oil changes.

2010 F150 Supercrew 4X4
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The first oil change I went for at the Ford quik lube dealer the tech said the computer spit out this huge number like 12 or 16000 kms for 1st oil change. I said there is no way I'm letting my truck go 12000 kms. He called over to the regular service garage and they told him to punch in a different code for my truck and it spit out the 8000 km like it said in my truck manual. I had it changed at 6000 km just because.

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Id go by what the dealer says for intervals maybe try and get it in a few k's early and use motorcraft oil/filter (or the main manufacturer whch may be racor) it was designed for your engine. examply the 6.0L diesel theres cheap filters out there but there not the same as a ford part because its a patened design its shorter by a few milameters therefor letting oil be bypassed from the filter so no filter basicaly.

Quaker state has to be one of the worste oils you can use (opinion) Its filtered oil.... so no matter the brand of oil or viscosity when an oil change is done it just runs through a big filter and they pump it back into your vehical or jug theres a reason why its cheap lol

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?? always looking for a new ford project !
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The dealer can't tell you when to change your oil and when not to change your oil - you could dump it every 500km if you wanted to, it's your money.

They might be going by the recommended service interval to save you a few bucks on oil changes, and if they're offering free oil changes, even better.

The recommended service interval is the minimum requirement you need to satisfy and maintain the factory warranty in good standing.

If you want to go over and above that, have at 'er.

I wasn't happy with the 12,000 km interval either, so I found a number that I'm comfortable with and go that route, and using the in-house dealer Ford oil and filters.

LOL that they'll be right there to sell you another truck when this one fails.....isn't that why they're in business ???

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when i got my new truck i did not believe in going 12k between oil changes but figured i would monitor it.

i looked at the oil after 5k and it looked just like i put it in so i checked it every 1k after that until it hit 10k and the oil started to get darker that is when i changed it.

i did that for the first four changes until my driving changed from mostly highway to a 50/50 mix.
i now change it at 8k and it is all good.

i was using fram TG filters which have better specs than the ford oem filter but the service manager at the dealer said that ford is getting picky about warranty repairs if they find a non oem filter so i now use the oem filter. ( probably just dealer scare tactics but i am not taking any chances )

as for oil i use castrol full synthetic from costco, it starts really nice at -30.

the rule has been change every 5k but that rule is 5k miles the dealers and lube places just say 5k so you spend more. 5k miles is 8k kms.

but you have to gauge your driving conditions to your maintenance schedule.
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I do as the manufacturer recommends. They want to protect themselves from expensive powertrain warranties, so they are not going to steer you wrong here. If anything, they're making less money now cause I'm going to them less frequently. I've only had the truck for just under 12K so far...had one oil change so far at 11,000, which worked out to about 6 months almost exactly.

My previous truck (2003 Silverado), I did oil changes every 12,500kms, using Amsoil Signature Series 0W30 full synthetic.

For the wife's Chevy HHR, it was at the 6 month mark, so we decided to do it. It had 7500KMs and the oil life monitor was at 29%.
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Wow this is relatively new for me to hear. I appreciate all the response guys! I didnt know this many people wait till anywhere from 8000km-10,000/12,000km to do oil changes. I guess I would feel comfortable changing it at 8000k especially if its free...

Swiper, do you check the oil colour by using the dipstick?
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when i wipe the dipstick on paper towel you can see if it is getting darker or not.

not very scientific but you can see a difference.
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