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Hey guys, I am looking into purchasing the Ford OEM Tonneau cover, which to my knowledge is simply a Bakflip F1 rebranded and with heavier rubber sealing. The question I would like to ask all of you is do any of you have this hard folding tonneau cover? and how do you like it?

I was deciding between F1 and the extang solid fold but i dont like the reduced visibility and I like the concept that it can be folded all the way up so I can haul my ATV.

Can anybody offer some insight into where the drain tubes would run?(I have a plastic drop in liner) Also, how does it hold up in good 'ol Canadian winters?

Thanks in advance for any help guys, im looking to get it installed very soon.
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Got the Ford Accessories Folding Hard Tonneau installed on my truck, with the drop in Ford liner as well.

There are four drain tubes, basically one in each corner of the bed.

The only small drawback is the holes that have to be drilled in the liner to give the drain tubes somewhere to drain, but no big issue IMO.

As far as surviving the winter, I've just finished the second season with no concerns.

Occasionally the seals will freeze to the box liner, but if you keep them lubed up with Rust Check or a silicone spray, it solves the problem.

Speaking of the seal, it's pretty good under normal warm weather (i.e.: rain) conditions, but not 100% water proof. (Again, not a huge issue...for me anyway)

Personally, after having a soft tonneau for almost ten years, the last three or four years with the hard folding tonneau have me convinced that as long as I have a truck, I'll have one installed.

Convenient to flip the panels back as required, and while having the last panel open and leaning against the back of the cab hinders visibility somewhat, it does provide some protection for the glass against whatever you happen to be carrying in the back being a threat to shift and break the window.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks SVT4MT, where do the tubes drain? I hope they dont drain in between the liner and paint. I was wondering if they use existing holes in the box to drain the tubes out.

Do the tubes get in the way? even if I end up getting the OEM folding bed extender?

Also, one of my main concerns is are you able to close and open the tailgate with the last panel down? So if I wanted to close the tailgate, would the last panel have to be flipped up and then close over the tailgate or not?
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Good point - I'd say they're routed to the normal box drain points.

Occasionally, depending on what you're loading or unloading, and how closely you're paying attention, the hoses will get caught up, but after the first couple of times snagging them and having to re-fit them on, you learn to have an eye.

Also a good point with closing the tailgate with the last panel down.

If you want to be 100% the last panel is latched in, I would advise closing the last panel before closing the tailgate.....sometimes if you do it the other way around, the panel doesn't latch in , but your results may vary.

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I have the EXTANG solid fold... It was enough $ at the time but I now wish I spent the extra coin for the backflip. I have had to remove the cover multiple times due to hauling dirt bikes and various items when I needed the whole box.

I am happy with the purchase other than my lack of foresight .

2010 F150 S/Crew 4X4 Lariat
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I had the Ford "Badged" installed when I bought my 2010 FX-4 from the dealer. The first cover leaked and was replaced by the dealership. Very small water leak now. Dealer had installed the liner and cover incorrectly. The drain tubes where not installed as directed by "Bakflip" which one tech had corrected at the rear of the box. The fronts are still not installed correctly.

They cut the corners of the liner out and shoved the tubes into the gap. I tried to get this corrected to no availe. It was not worth traveling back to the west end of Mississauga from Don Mills to fight them. I am correcting it this summer now that I have retired at age 57 from a 38 years with same company. I'll also re-adjust the rails to stop the water leak as well.

I would go with a Bakflip badge one VS the Ford one to save $$$'s as well as get a bit better unit. There are several dealers within the GTA who will more than happy to help you out. Mine does work fine with a slight water leak when there is heavy rain. This I can correct myself.

I also have the BakBox which is a bit harder to install in the Ford badged hardcover. The box needs to be an inch shorter in width to fit properly. The box does move to which I have installed bungee cords to keep it in place. This holds all the stuff one totes including extra liter of oil, tools, jumper cables, cargo straps, blankets, gloves etc.

Overall the hard cover does what it is advertised to do as well as a good area to keep stuff "locked". One my next F-150 I will go after market (Bakflip) than the Factory unit. There is more of a selection at a cheaper price and the installation is not that difficult to do. I can install it better that the Dealer" tech's who did mine. I tend to read instructions plus I installed running boards and brush guard as well as a lightbar under the tailgate and step as mine did not come with the stripper pole & step..
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We're getting the extang trifold already installed. Looks solid. Pricey, but it looks it is worth it based on comments on the forum.

Lots to learn on the forum. All good info.
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