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My 2011 FX4 Sucks!

Ok I'm kind of ranting here but also looking for some input as to whether or not there's anything I can do. I got my 2011 FX4 2 years ago and currently have 45,000 km on it. Since the day I bought it I've had nothing but issues. Here are a list of things I've had fixed on it over the past 2 years and 2 months:

-New tires (failed road force test right out of the lot)
-New tonneau cover (leaked like crazy right off the lot)
-Multiple SYNC issues (i've just given up at this point and don't use it)
-Front speaker replaced
-Blower motor for cabin fan replaced
-Battery replaced
-12 cracked lug bolts replaced
-Rear backup sensor replaced
-Rotors machined
-Brakes needed service at 40,000km
-Rust appearing along bottom door jamb where weather strip is seated
-As of today a major clunking/rattling sound from front end when I go over a bump

Maybe I'm just too picky but in my opinion that is way too many issues on a truck with 45,000km. I have an appointment at the dealer next week for the last issue and I want to talk to a manager about my lack of satisfaction with my first Ford. Do you think I'm being too picky or do I have a right to go in and complain? Is there anything the dealer can actually do or am I just stuck with this truck for the time being? Just looking for some input.

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Weird, I must always buy the FX4's built in the middle of the week, never had anywhere near the problems some guys do, including these.

Biggest issue I've ever had with any of the five or so F150's I've owned is the driveshaft "clunk" issue on the '11 Raptor, and all that cost me was a half hour of my time while it was swapped out at the dealership.

The SYNC on my wife's Edge died twice, again, no big deal, just a half hour or so wait while the dealership swapped out the module.

Three FX4's, and not a bit of trouble with any of them, so it must be disappointing for you to have all those issues.

Brakes and rotors depend more on your driving habits than the manufacturer, no sympathy for you there.

Don't blame Ford for your tonneau cover leaking, it might be branded Ford, but they don't make them, they just re-brand them.

How many of the repairs were covered under warranty and how many were out of pocket ?

Complaints are free, knock yourself out, one guy on here bitched about rust on his used truck that was well out of warranty and scammed Ford for 50% of his repair cost.

As far as being stuck with the truck, it's got lots of warranty kilometres and time left, should be a decent trade in, maybe it's time to dump and run while everything still works.

No one says you have to buy another F150, there's always Chevy, GMC, Dodge or Toyota, maybe you'd have better luck there.

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All of the repairs have been covered so the only cost is my time. I think I drive like an old man with the truck but I can see your point about the brakes...I'd consider another manufacturer but my wife works for Ford lol....(I can't complain about it to her so I have to come online to do that haha) I want so bad to like this truck because, aside from the nuisance issues, I do like it... I just don't want to be one of those annoying ranting customers...but I'm getting pretty sick of the issues.

Anyway thanks for the input!
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No cash out of pocket is a good deal, sounds like the dealer treated you OK on this.

I'd dump and run, start fresh with a 2014, make sure you get the wife's price on it, that Employee Pricing incentive kicks ass, I'm sure it's even better for actual employees.

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Ya I honestly can't complain about the dealer they've fixed everything no questions asked....I'll have to see if I have any equity in it at this point. I got it for a pretty good price (about $37000) so not sure what my buyout would be at this point...The A plan, dealer incentives, and Ambassador Plan saved me a good chunk of coin!
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