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maintience interval

Hi Haven't been here in awhile, but Iam the proud owner of an '10 f150 Lariat screw 4x4 and I LOVE this truck! I have one question about oil changes.The manual say to change oil for severe service at 10000 kms and 12000 kms for non severe. This doesn;t seem right to me, does everyone follow this or do it every 5000 like I have done on every other vehicle I have owned. Makes me kinda nervous to wait 10000 kms.
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Really, my 2009 service manual is 12000km for normal conditions and 8000km for severe conditions. Regardless, I have been taking mine in every 8000km. For the price of an oil change, it's better to be safe than sorry. Obviously Ford thinks 12000km is okay though because I got a free 2 year maintenance plan with my truck and it only includes 3 services (12, 24, 36,000km), so I have to pay for the extra service intervals that I want (basically they will cover the 8, 16, and 24,000km services and I will cover beyond that).
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Yeah, the 8000km mark is a pretty reasonable interval since Ford uses semi-synthetic oil now for their oil changes (So does the Mazda dealer where I take my car, same make and grade too --funny that...LOL). The really funny part is, I took my truck in for its first oil change the other day, and I had to almost "fight" with the service manager, since I only had 3000km on the odometer, and he kept saying , "Sir, you are not due for an oil change until 8000km or 6 months, and you have met neither requirement"... LOL... I told him "Yes, I know this, but, I never leave the "factory oil" in for very long"...
Sorry, call me "paranoid", but, to me, its a piece of mind thing...... I know with my new Mazda, I changed it at 1500km initially, and the oil was actually quite dirty... the second oil change at 6000km was much, that tells me allot. I won't even begin to tell you how often I change my bike's oil (every race weekend, and its VERY expensive), but, its "cheap" insurance.
My point is, the quality of the oil and filtration combined with the type of "work" you're doing with that engine will dictate the change interval. I find the 8k recommendation "spot on" given the sump size of the 5.4L engine (almost 7 litres) and the quality of the oil used. All of my VW TDI's (diesels) used high grade full synthetic (warranty requirement), but, lasted 16000km between changes (semi dry sump system with outboard cartridge filtration setup), and I had oil lab analysis done several times, and the results usually showed that oil would have easily lasted another 16000km's without issue. The old oil change "myths" of the 5000km change has been quashed in many articles and were only endorsed by oil companies to sell more oil. Now, having said that, I wouldn't recommend getting the $1.99/litre Kmart "special" discount oil and going 24,000km on it.....then, you are just asking for trouble..... LOL.

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Thanks for posting, I had the same questions and more. I actually would like to have my "factory installed" oil changed earlier than required as well.
Would you guys put Synthetic in it or stick to straight oil. I'm leaning towards synthetic.

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stick with reg oil untill 8000km,and do your first at 4000km than 8000km then regular intervals(first oil change is early because of engine break-in)

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I have 21,000 km on my 09' and use the severe service 8000 km oil change. My dealer puts in the 5w20 synthetic and says I have no choice to retain factory warranty.
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Deer Hunter, are you paying extra for a full synthetic 5W20 or is your dealer just refering to the regular semi-synthetic blend of 5W20 that Ford use is most of their vehicles?
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