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Spied! 2011 Ford F-150 with EcoBoost V-6

Ford is about half a year away from starting production of the first six-cylinder EcoBoost-equipped 2011 F-150 half-ton pickup, but our spies have caught a tester SuperCab FX4 model racking up the miles.

In the picture, you can see a turbo intercooler framed in the middle of the lower bumper.

The EcoBoost twin-turbo system runs at up to 1,740 degrees, according to Ford. An air-to-air intercooler is used to cool the compressed intake air before it enters the engine's combustion chamber, and water cooling protects the internal turbo bearings in the high-temperature operating environment. Using two turbochargers, rather than one larger one, helps fight turbo lag.

In an interesting reversal of tradition for trucks, it's expected that the 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 (which also features direct injection) will be a premium engine for the light-duty F-150, along with the new 411-horsepower, 6.2-liter naturally aspirated gas V-8 that makes 434 pounds-feet of torque.

Ford has officially said the F-150's EcoBoost engine will arrive by late 2010 with improved fuel economy and low-end torque with a broad, diesel-like torque curve through most of its power band. Our sources say it will be rated at about 400 hp and more than 400 pounds-feet of torque. Gas mileage is expected to be at least 23 mpg on the highway.

What do you think? Would you buy the new EcoBoost V-6 or stick with a conventional V-8?
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I'd buy one for sure as long as 2 things are equal.
1) Pricing better be similar, i'm not spending more money on a smaller engine no matter how much power it claims to produce. Besides if it costs more drop a supercharger on the V8 then your good to go LOL.
2) Durability; Seems to me the V6 would not be able to take the same pounding. If the V6 can be assured to last as long as the V8 then why not.

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Hmmm... very interesting indeed.

I'll consider it for my next F150 for sure, after the reviews are in. In the meantime, I'm thoroughly enjoying the 5.4 in my one week old truck! I'm averaging 14 L/100Km right now with mixed city/hwy driving.
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Direct Injection and turbos are a good thing, but like what's been said: how reliable will it be? Thats a lot of power/torque/heat to be pouring in to a V6 block (probably mostly aluminum to boot), so I wouldn't be surprised to see them with headgasket and durability issues. I've always known the idea that putting more stress in to a smaller engine makes it die sooner, rather than a larger engine working less. I guess time will tell. LR

Matt T.

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For sure i would wait in till the following year to buy one! Get the bugs out...

This would suit me, but only problem would be the towing capability???
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Well the engine is currently in the lincolns, and flex, and taurus. So I'm sure there's lots of different areas of testing going on there.

V6 twin turboing is not new. 400hp V6TT is not new either. Nissan has been doing that for years.

I really think they have finally done something good. I know this has been an idea for a long time. Who wouldn't have thought of it. Its just why? But governmwnt pushing them for better fleet MPG.

Just think of the extra addons this could have!!
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man what happind to the day where you got a truck based on if you could get a big block with a 4spd in it... silly gov and there dumb mpg :P

You tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is 'never try'. -Homer Simpson
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... i still stand my ground... 6bangers dont belong in half tons...

had one was no better on fuel then a 5.4

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?? always looking for a new ford project !
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There's no replacement for displacement. In a truck at least

VMP and 5-Star tuned no more

Buy a hybrid my truck needs your gas
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I'm waiting until they put turbochargers, er, I mean "Eco-boost" on a V8.

Saving gas is for idiots.

If Princess Auto were a real girl, I'd ask her to marry me.

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