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Fuel Economy Chips

Just signed up for the forum...kind of new to this sort of thing. I have a 2010 F150 Lariat Supercrew with the 5.4 engine. I am extremely happy with the truck and after 10,000 kms have not found a single reason to go back and see the dealership. Not a squeak or a whistle anywhere and the fit and finish is second to none.
I see advertisements for various chips you can buy that promise more horsepower and better fuel economy. Has anybody had any experiences with this sort of aftermarket product and the claims they make? I am happy with the horsepower that the engine is making but better fuel economy is always a bonus.

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Everyone's got an opinion on this, but think about it -- If it were as easy as installing some "chip", then why hasn't Ford, GM, Chrysler, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mercedes, Volkwagen, Hyundai, with their thousands of engineers and billions of dollars worth of testing and R&D facilities already done this?

You'd have to believe some mail-order company, working out of a rented industrial unit somewhere, has managed to uncover some unknown secret that the big manufacturers -- with all their technical resources -- have been unable able to come up with.

If it were real and didn't have a down-side, then surely Ford would have bought them out and given themselves a huge competitive advantage.

I see advertisements for those chips, too. I also see ads for pills that'll make my ding-a-ling bigger, and pills that grow hair on a billiard ball. I doubt any of those products will do what they claim, other than relieving the excess pressure on your wallet.


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Bob.are those the Ebay chips you're talking about? If so, they are just a 10 cent resistor..garbage. As far as i know there are no "chips" for these trucks..Are you talking about a programmer/tuner?..X2 on what b4000 has posted..If your talking about programmers, check out PHP or SCT products. As far as mileage is concerned, it's always a toss up..The biggest effect on mileage is all driving habits and maintenance.

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Hi Moonstone - welcome to fordtough.ca.

I'm in agreement with b4000 and Glen - waste of time and money for those Snake Oil Chips, and the best thing you can do is be easy on the gas and keep your truck's maintenance up, as well as the usual hints for checking tire pressures regularly, and avoiding idling for extended periods of time.

I always figured that I never bought my F150 for the gas mileage, if that was the case I would have gone with a Fiesta, but I see what you're saying.

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Well I'm going to differ on this..

the manufactures have to tune a truck for every type of customer.. trading off on hp for mileage.. and mileage to for towing ability.
they have to have an overall good tune that they can depend on to do everything they want to truck to do for their customers.

I picked up superchips less then a month ago. I'm seeing ~1- 1.5mpg improvement without overly trying.

With my superchips i can tell it what I will be doing with my truck and it can tune it accordingly. That i won't be pulling anything, that i want better mileage.

It changes how the tranny shifts, and under what load should it downshift out of overdrive..

The 10cent resistors are yes a waste of money.
Having a reputable company divide up the factory tune and fine tune the areas, so you can maximize your truck for what you want to do with that day.

Its up to you!
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Viper238 +1 and well said... yes driving style will always but the biggest factor and the 10cent resistors are garbage but a tuner to change the tune of your vehicle for specific types of use is not. All the manufacturers are already using this type of technology stock on some models but not all.

A lot of vehicles are coming straight from the factory with tuning modes allowing the driver to push button for normal,towing,sport ect... modes and a few even have a different ignition key that doesn't have access to the full power to vehicle.

My B4000 has a tow rating of a trailer over 5600lbs... it unlocks the torque converter if you even look at the gas pedal. Perfect if your towing a large trailer... but an empty truck jumping from 1500rpm to 2600rpm to very slow accelerate from 80km/h to 85km/h is just wasting gas.
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