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2009 Ford F150 Fuel Mileage issue

I own a 2009 Ford F150 FX4 with a 5.4L. I used to get 14L/100 km but now I am only getting on averahe 19L/100km/, sometimes worse. Had a fuel mileage test done and according to the dealer there is absoulutely nothing wrong. Because the computer does not register any faults they seem to be claiming ignorrance. There are other issues as well. When stopped at a light the transmission doesnt always want to downshift into first until I hit the gas which results in violent shift. It also doesnt downshift correctly on merges or even sometimes when accelerating. My tires seem to be wearing down faster than normal as well. The other day it wasnt wanting to shift into 6th when pulling the trailer(1500lb) and without the trailer on a level stretch of road. I am even having trouble when I first go to drive the truck when it is cold. I will put it in reverse or drive and it doesnt shift into gear right away, sometimes I have to hit the gas first. I have had a sit down with the service manager at the dealership and told him about the problems. We went over how its cold and I should expect the mileage to be affected. Let him know that I have been tracking the issue since July, I only warm my truck up for 3 minutes on average when its cold. I suggested there are issues that the computer is not registering and I was told that was impossible. There seems to be a tourque converter issue or some other isssue with the transmission. He wants me to bring it in and reset the computer, again, and so a fuel mileage test, again. Its always great when they reset the computer then test. HAs anybody had any similar issues or any advice?
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i think you have a problem with your trans..

I wouldn't push the mileage issue.
I would push on the tranny not going into gear or downshifting when it's supposed to.
or the fact that it slams into gear.

I've read couple issues on other forums about tranny issues. US guys. they received a rebuilt tranny, and also had theirs rebuilt. it came to the point where they got the truck replaced under the lemon policy. (so no fix)

I've had some hard shifting.. no not going into gear tho. or that bad of mileage.
My local dealer reflashed the computer and it dissipated.. Also i don't let my truck warm up that long. 30sec would be my average max.

There is a couple TSB's for trans shifting. but by the sounds of it you have more problems then that.

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Can't comment on the tranny issue, but I'll go with Viper238 on the mileage thing.

My '09 FX4 averaged 17 to 19L/100km around town and dropped to around 13L/100km on the highway.

Welcome to fordtough.ca pilsner, hope you find an answer/info about your troubles.

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Thanks for the responses, they were quick. Here are some other pieces of info.

The mileage I am refering to is all highway mileage. 19+L/100km on the highway but gets worse in the city. Its hard to average my city driving as I drive in it very little. I used to get an average of 15L/100km when I lived in the city but with very little stop and go( not true city). My highway average was 14 before the change but is now 19+. All my mileage concerns are validated by receipts, distance and type of driving. I keep track of it all. I know its a truck so had it started out high I wouldn't mind but since it has worsened since new, it concerns me. I'm hopefully going to go on a ride along with the service manger in 2 weeks. Fingers crossed that all the issues I have will show themselves. I also have a bit of a noisy 4 wheel drive. Not sure what it is supposed to sound like with the traction control when its slippery and the wheels are spinning but it sure doesn't sound like any of my old trucks.
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I don't think they will guarantee any type mileage. Even if it is bad.

How ever they will warrant the truck if there is actual issue that you can show them. So if you have mechanical issues that show aka hard shift or not shifting. I would have your service manager deal with them as they are reproducible problems you can show them. a mileage issue is hard to prove as they aren't going to drive the truck 500-1000kms to use a tank. And if they did i think ford would have a hard time paying the respective dealer because of it. now if they can prove the valve body in the trans if bad and the truck isn't shifting properly, or the clutches arent engaging so the truck isn't moving when it's supposed to. Then you got yourself something for them to dig into.

good luck.
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Im having similar issues with mine. I just towed a trailer down from Ontario to Florida and back, and everytime i wanted to accelerate id get a huge "thunk" out of the tranny.

On top of that half way down i got a check engine light as well.

Of course, when i brought it to ford they couldnt find anything wrong. ANd turns out the check engine light was an O2 sensor.
Told to do the big 96 k service, which included tranny and plugs plus a bunch other stuff. They also found all ball joints were done, and had to be replaced.

Thanks god for extended warranty ..


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With my 2011 with the 6.2l I am doing mainly hwy driving and am doing 13.8/100km hwy around 15.5 city driving with a light foot.
Heavy foot driving numbers jump to 15.9 hwy 17.2 city so I have been really trying my best to keep my foot out of it especially with the gas prices here right now.
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have you resolved the trans issues?there is a tsb that fits your concern tsb#10-18-1 mechatronic assy(valve body)concerns.

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When I first bought my truck it was doing the same thing, not downshifting at the light and then it would slam into gear when you started on the throttle again. It seems as if it's stopped doing it with 16,000km on the OD, though it's hard to say since it's in the shop all the time.
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