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sounds like you are due for a set of injectors. when I did them in dad's 1990 it was less $$ to buy new than have the old ones rebuilt. they still want your cores though.

dad's truck was an idi 7.3 with the ATS turbo put onto it early in its life, same motor as yours.

we got ours from kw fuel injection in Waterloo , my employer sent our stuff there too. probably more fuel injection places in Hamilton area anyway.

try and tighten down the bubbling injector before you pull everything apart.
your bubbling fuel might just be a return line Oring leaking too, if you have 2 leaking now it might cause the stumbling. once you have it running let it idle and shut it down. check the shrader valve at the filter head and see if it is fuel immediately or has some air first. if you get air first you will have a leak in the suction side of the fuel system.

have seen many dual tank switches leak air into the fuel system and cause erratic problems like this on the idi 6.9/7.3

fixed a neighbors truck once by bypassing the dual tank switch and telling him his rear tank was leaking. he didn't believe me it was the dual tank switch but when I told him the rear tank was leaking and he couldn't use it any more he complied. stubborn old Mennonite truck went another 8 yrs before he took it to the wrecker.

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