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I know that this is a old thread but I would like to revise it. I used to sell a Product some years back It was called waterless car wash. Not a wax but the product cleaned your car without water. It was a fantastic product. The company was a multi level marketing and well I was not really in to that. When the product was demonstated it would just blow you away. It was quite expensive to buy so most passed on it. The company really wanted to get you into it to build the other guys base up.. If this product was used with a buffer it would shed water off the paint for a month without reapplication . I even used it on the glass when it was raining. I did not use my wipers and the water just peeled off like it was not even there.You could see as if it was not raining.

Cool product . Just using up the last of what I have . Will sure miss it once it is all gone.

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