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Bio diesel in the summer is fine. In the winter you will want to mix it with normal petrol diesel. If you run bio you will also want to replace your stock fuel lines as the bio is more acidic and will wear them down. I have heard of "viton fuel line" but don't know if that is a company or a type of line. These are supposed to be able to stand up to bio. After your first tank you will also want to change your filters as this stuff will clean out your engine very well. I have researched the crap out of this stuff and plan to produce some once I finish my diesel swap. The only ingredients you need in the process are lye (hardware store) and methanol (race fuel). Last I heard it was about 60 cents per litre to make the stuff assuming you get the waste veggie oil (WVO) free. Most of the cost would be the methanol that is needed to separate the esters from the glycerine. The above information may not be 100% accurate as this is from research and not experience! But I say go for it!
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