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seatback vibration

hello to forum and back in a ford..bought a 2003 f150 xlt with xtr package..4.6 ltr with 76000 klicks...very nice shape and am pleased with the truck overall...only prob im having is a vibration in the seat backs in the lumbar area..only when at full stop...i greased the lumbars and added a lttle foam to the lumbar..helpt abit..rpm is 650 in gear and 700 in nutural/park..idles nice amd runs smooth..was under the truck to check things out and finding the muffler vibrates alot..everything is fairly sound but muffler seems to have lots of vibration...thinkin a muffler change may help..factory muffler still on truck..anyway has anyone had this problem and if so your input would be welcome.....Thanks
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