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To lift or not to lift?

Hey guys
well I have been thinking of doing a small lift to my truck and thought I'd ask for your opinions if I may
Should I lift her or not?
If so how much is too much?
Who would you trust to work on your truck (Newmarket area )
What product would you use?
Now bare in mind I'm kinda on the fence on this so I'm not 100% on the idea, I have not changed tires or anything else besides whats already listed.
thanks for any advise
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Heh heh heh Some would be of the opinion that too much lift is never enough. lol

Kieth F150 would be a good one to talk to...he just did a Rough Country 6" lift on his F150 and it looks fantastic.

Here's a link to his thread in case you missed it..

All comes down to what you want out of your truck, what you use it for, what sort of budget you've got and whether or not you're concerned about warranty coverage.

Mods that extensive in nature will give you problems with warranty coverage because auto manufacturers won't warranty what isn't theirs, and why should they.

Are you thinking body lift or suspension lift ?

Who you trust to work on your ride is always subjective.... I modded my previously owned Mustang a fair bit, and always had the dealership do the mods because I was using Ford Racing parts, and they did a good job, and stood by their work.

Other guys have had not so great experiences with dealerships, so they prefer to take their money elsewhere.

Doesn't matter if you're talking mechanics, veterinarians or grocery stores, everyone's had one they like and others can't stand the same ones for whatever reason.

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Assuming your purpose is for off-road use, the only reason to do a lift is to fit larger wheels for more ground clearance.

I've given this a lot of thought since I bought my truck and done some reading. Here's what I've concluded.

The stock 4wd Ranger is pretty capable off-road as is. IMO it's probably at least as good as a long wheelbase Jeep. You can comfortably fit good 31" off-road tires without any modification (maybe jacking up the torsion bars a bit).

Suspension lifts have a few drawbacks. If you're like me and your truck is a daily driver, it's not going to be off-road 97% of the time. Suspension lifts raise the centre of gravity and have a negative effect on handling. I think it will possibly wear out driveline components and ball joints, etc. faster, too. Larger wheels mean you'll lose some torque, too.

One major problem is that Rangers no longer have a solid front axle, so whatever you do, you're still limited in how much travel you can get out of the front wheels unless you do some major surgery and do a front axle swap.

From my own off-road experience, I'd say in order of preference it's best to spend the money as follows.

1. Good off-road tires (slight torsion bar lift, if needed)

2. Fabricate a decent skid plate to protect the front radiator/AC cooler area better
(2b. Rock sliders)

3. Winch

4. Locking rear differential (although the Torsen LSD that came with mine is pretty good)

5. Shackle lift for rear suspension

6. Body lift, if you decide you need bigger tires

7. Leave the Ranger as-is for daily driving and buy a used short wheelbase Jeep or Suzuki Samurai and turn it into a crazy off-road buggy, since it's easier to get aftermarket parts and you don't have to worry as much about breaking it.

8. Suspension lift and front solid axle swap with coilovers if you need even bigger tires, and want to turn your truck into a rock crawler. Chop off chassis and box behind the rear axle to reduce overhang. Wish your truck was a regular cab after you get high-centred anyway.

I should note my off-road "technique" is more geared toward going around obstacles, rather than over them, and not wrecking my truck. So far, so good. That's not everybody's cup of tea, though.

If you want to lift just for looks, though, a body lift is the best bang for your buck and will cause the fewest problems ... I think.

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thanks guys, great info.
lifting would be just for looks as I'm not into off roading and it is my daily vehicle, ( my luck first time off road and I'll break something and have to explain extra cost to wife )
I'm always looking to improve and personalize my truck and am a big fan of plug and play items as I don't have alot of free time.
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Hi Glenn,
Like Mike said about me, NO such thing as to much lift!! Did a 6" lift on my F150 and two weeks later I'm looking into adding another 2"s
I did a 3" body lift on my old 2002 Ranger with 33" tires, body lift from performance accesssories gives you every thing needed to do the lift and cost around $200-$250.
Not that hard to do, but time comsuming, plan on a full weekend to do one!!

This is my old Ranger

2012 XLT F150 (Sterling Grey)
Tonneau Cover, 15% Tint, 6" Rough Country Lift, 18" Helo 6 Wheels(chrome), 35" Toyo Open Country A/T's, SuperChip, Rear Wheel well Liners, Hood Shield,
Window Visors, Fender Flares
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looks great...maybe it will be next years project new tires and lift
thanks again for the pics
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Send a message via MSN to taisa899
There's a shop up in Orillia that installs lifts. I'll see if I can find their name and address for you

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that would be very nice of you thanks
if I don't lift right away what would be the widest tires that wouldn't look too odd?
might stay with OE rims maybe not any Ideas?
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