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Ford Rangers and Black Ice and RSC

I just bought my third ford ranger. A very basic supercab XL to be used as a second car. My wife wanted a ranger again. Go figure. I have a Jeep Sahara Unlimted as my first car.

My second ranger was a 2005 Ranger FX4. I loved that truck, 5 speed, v6, perfect condition. I rolled it on black ice. I always thought if you hit black ice you must have been doing something wrong. But not anymore. It is weird to be driving in a perfectly straight line at 60kpm and then a second later hanging upside down in a ditch. I also wonder what would have happened if I had 4wd engaged. Most people say it wouldn’t have mattered. I wonder.

Does anyone have experience with a ranger and black ice. My first ranger(basic 2wd) I simply did the winter with a couple of bags of sand and salt in the back. The second ranger (FX4) made be feel a bit invincible as it was always great on snow and ice. Do you know if the RSC now employed on the 2010 model will make a difference on Black ice??
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not with a Ranger but I totalled my 83 Mustang GT hitting black ice when I lived in Wasaga Beach

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I rolled my 93 ranger down a bank one Oct was slippery as hell and i was in 4hi..Started to slide and then the front wheels grabbed some dirt on the shoulder and spun me around and down the hill..Ended up upside down at the bottom. I tensed up so much on the roll, i tweeked the backrest It was a Splash supercab version. The passenger side roof was crushed down pretty good, but my side held up well..not one scratch on me..I rolled over about 2 times..It's not a nice feeling is it?There was no weight in the truck either.....and to FT.

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I've hit black ice a few times with my truck, but luckily never completely lost control. I emphasise the luck part. These trucks can get VERY squirrelly on ice, especially with the stock tires or off-road tires. I find a little weight in the back does help keep it straighter ... usually.

All you can really do, once you start to go sideways is veeeery gently let off the gas, don't touch the brake, and as smoothly as possible streer into the skid. No sudden jerky movements. It's harder to do than to say, since usually it happens very suddenly and your sphincter is in full pucker. Even if you're going to crash, at least you can influence the truck a little as to where it's going to hit.

4WD doesn't help when you get into a skid. In fact, I think it makes things worse, because now the vehicle doesn't know whether it's front-wheel-drive or rear-wheel-drive. 4WD gives you forward traction, not better control, and that's all.

My rule is that if you're going fast enough to be on the highway, which is fast enough to do some real damage, you've got no business being in 4WD, so slow the hell down.

I'm pretty skeptical about traction control systems. I've had it on a work truck, and I found it causes more problems than it cures. I almost got stuck in a ditch in deep snow because of it, once. This was on a GMC, and it didn't let me spin out the wheels to power back out. Once I switched it off -- no problems. Traction control is also perfect for getting yourself stuck in mud. I got into the habit of switching it off the second I left dry pavement.

After years of this, my only advice is to try and be aware of weather conditions, watch out for shady spots, and if you even THINK there's a chance of ice -- slow the [email protected] down! I don't care if there are 100 vehicles lined up behind me, if one of them is stupid enough to pass, odds are I'll be seeing him in the ditch up ahead.

Sorry for ranting about this, but I get pretty cranky when I see idiots driving like hoons. I don't care if they kill themselves, but they have a tendency to take other people out with them.

And welcome to FT!

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