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Misfire? Sounds like Exhaust leak....

Changed all coils and plugs (Motorcraft platinum) on my '04 5.4L 3v but the same issue is still there since I bought it almost a year ago.

When I floor it (or almost floor it) from a dead stop or going very slow I can hear a puffing sound. I pretty much can't hear it unless the windows are down and it only happens in first gear - seems to be between 2k and 3k rpm. It always makes the sound once, twice or three times all at once. I do have a hole in my muffler but my manifolds are not leaking.

I was wondering if it was the hole in my muffler that's causing the issue due to a lack of backpressure but I can't help but think it's something ignition related. It actually went away at one point in time after changing the plugs but only for a couple of drives and then it's back.

All of my ignition coil connectors seem to be connected properly. I had it in to the dealership a couple times about it but they can't seem to figure it out.

would it help if I capture the audio? I'm not sure if I can post that here....

any advice is appreciated

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I was determined to get this resolved after work today so I decided to begin the painstaking task of swapping out each coil with an old one, test driving after each swap.
I swapped number five and took it for a test drive when I realized I couldn't get it to make that stupid noise. I allowed it to warm up until the engine temperature was about a third of the way to normal according to the gauge before testing it. I did the test (floor it from stopped or slow speed) a half dozen times or so when I thought I heard that sound. The temperature gauge read about two thirds of the way to normal. Once the engine was up to temperature; the sound got more obvious and would happen every time.

That's when I remembered reading about the cam phazers TSB and how the rattling noise they make happens when the engine is hot. I always said that I thought my truck sounds like a diesel when it's hot (even though the dealer always would say that was just the injectors).

So, I'm guessing that maybe because I have the '04, I probably have the outdated phazers and maybe if I replace them, both the diesel sound (phazers/chains), and the misfire (puff sound) will go away.

Any thoughts or suggestions about it anyone?

Thanks again.
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so I meant to update this thread back in Dec when I replaced my muffler.

I knew there was a hole in the damn thing but I was certain that it wouldn't be the cause of the issues I was having. WRONG!!

replaced it with a 14" (I think) Magnaflow and the truck has never had a problem since. It seems to work way better too!

should've done that when I bought it for $230 installed.
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I stand corrected. It sputtered today when under heavy acceleration (not WOT) just before it shifted to second gear.

Back to the drawing board.

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Question... do you always purchase your fuel from the same location?
Still not getting any codes at all?

I have access to a top Ford Truck Tech, I'll get him to read your post threads on here regarding this issue.

Edit: the Ford Tech Guy that I know of is a member on here, under the name "JimmyK" , so either do a search for him or you'll find him over in the Ranger truck forum section.
Hope this helps you.

Press on regardless!

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