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Unhappy Dealing With Ford Re: Rust Issues...

Hello everyone, sorry it's been awhile... just wanted to give all members a heads up on a known Ford Factory manufacturering defect regarding rust through on your box side panels. There is a void between the inner and outer panels over your rear wheel openings, that no amount of any type of rust preventative material can ever reach.

This area on your trucks has been slowly rusting ever since your truck left the factory BTW..., the drivers side panel on my /06 truck has now rusted through from the inside out.

I am now currently trying to take Ford to task on this issue, due to no amount of maint. on my part could have prevented this issue from happening.(my /06 Screw is always garaged, never gets put away dirty, and is oil sprayed every yr. by X/Ford guys.)

In my view, it does not matter how old our model series of truck is, or the fact that the truck was purchased new or used, or is out of Warr. for that matter .
Ford should now be dealing with this problem asap. (I even have a low tech. fix for this, that could be implemented on their current F-150's even before leaving the factory)

There is also a known rust issue with our cab corners on these trucks as well, but due to the yearly oil spraying, and constant washing of my truck, this is not an issue for me (touch wood).

I'll keep you posted on my progress regarding this matter... perhaps if it is alright with this website's Webmaster, that a group letter from addressed to Dianne Craig ( current CEO of Ford Canada), could be set up and set to her. I really think that her Ford people are insulating her from what is really going with F-150 trucks these days.

"Built Ford Tough" Really??

Press on regardless!
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Good luck with that.

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Metal rusts. Good luck with ford doing anything about it.
I've never heard of oil spray

Really? Its the Internet take it easy.
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If you sprayed with Rust Check from day one, I believe any rust through on body panels would be covered, supposed manufacturing defect or not.

Got some pics to show the location and damage on your ride ?

I'm with herbz and Blair on this....good luck with that +3.

Even if there was a group letter from the site (don't hold your breath), I'm guessing it would be about as effective as standing on Ford's front lawn, shaking your fist and yelling a lot.

My opinion only.

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People have been trying to go after Ford for years now over the two-piece spark plugs in the 4.6/5.4 3V engines, which is a defect acknowledged by Ford and still nobody has gotten anywhere.

All the power to you if you want to pursue it but I wouldn't expect even a reply.

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I don't have any rust issues on any of my trucks. I've got some little rust spots on Bullits front bumper, thats road rash. But, from what my eyes are telling me, "If you want rust, you need a GM or a Toyota". In almost 60 years, my eyes have never lied to me. It comes down to "care". I put Henry and Pearl away for the winter, and Charles and Bullit are washed twice a week in the winter. I rust check all of them. Like Blair said "metal rusts", if you don't look after it. AND! we here in Ontario, are in Salt Central, bitch to the Ministry of Transport. That will take off like a lead balloon


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I had 3 front bumpers installed on my '09 due to rusting. Truck was washed at least once a week, and was oil undercoated. only took 6months to require a new one.

Was rusting in multiple spots. fog lamp assembly and upper lip area that was covered by the upper valance.
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I had issues with a 2000 f150 4x4 I had bottoms of the doors and the tailgate seam it was under warrentee at the time and after takeing it to the dealer several times and them takeing pics and sending them to "Ford" they finally fixed it. Be it it was a HORRIBLE repair you could see the grinder marks and they just painted over them. I was in the prosess of complaining again about the crappy job when the truck was written off in an accident.
It was also washed and rust coated and the rust coat at the time was from the ford dealer.

Even my 07 SD has rust not on the frame or underfloor area but the front and rear bumpers are a mess front I can see because of stones and such but the rears just terrible and bad enough its not saveable (on an 07)

One spot I still dont know why its rusted is the roof... couple of dime size spots poping up which need to be fixed soon.

2007 F350 6.0L Ext cab short box 4x4
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?? always looking for a new ford project !
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Well, I had a twenty minute phone call with a Ford regional warr. manager yesterday. My numerous phone calls and emails to Ford must be having some effect, because he called me.
He said to me that he was not aware of this being a known issue, so when I told him that it WAS a known issue in the bodyshop business, He wanted to know who had been saying this.

He then asked me to send him a detailed email as to who , and what they have been telling me. I supplied him with as much info. from my truck file as possible. Along with the records back starting from Dec. 23Th /011, when I first reported the bubbleing paint issue to my local dealer, along with them sending the first set of digital pictures to Ford. (3 sets in total now, and the rust is getting worse).

He started talking about Ford's policy of rust perf. ,and about the yr. and milage on my truck, to which I told him that IMHO that their policy was silly, and that most of the Ford people that I talk to tend to agree with me on the QT re. the rust holes needing to be present, when it was apparent that the corrosion can from the inside out.

Also, that all of that didn't come into play ,when my truck has had this issue right from the day that it left the factory in Kansas in /06, and had nothing to do with who has owned it, the yr. , the milage, or my amount of over maint . that has been done.
I asked him why would I be interested in purchasing another newer F-150, when this issue still on going on their current trucks?

Press on regardless!
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Good for him. If you want to complain about something, only stands to reason he's going to want proof.

I must be living right or something....I'm on my fourth F150 ( '98, '04, '09 and my present ride), and much like Ol' Skool, I've never had an issue with any of them.

If you don't like what's happening with your F150 or the way Ford's not puckering up and kissing your ass, maybe it's time to move on to something else.

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