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Does an F350 have to be inspected yearly? (in Ontario)

I've never been able to get an actual answer to this even after checking the Highway Traffic Act and the D.O.T. site so........

If I bought an F250 as compared to an F350, does it have to be re-safetied EVERY year???

Years ago, I had a nieghbour tell me a "One Ton" truck had to be. I had bought an old B350 Dodge Ambulance and let it go once I was told that. I have nothing against safety but every year would be a royal pain and if it's true then I would stick to an F250 which I may anyways. But I'd like to know my choices.

I could see if it were a "commercial vehicle" but this would be for personal use. (Mostly)

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I think it's more if you have a commercial use sticker, we had the F350's and hauled big trailers never had any problems yet, we just started putting the commercial stickers and inspection this year just to be safe but as long as your not hauling lot's of weight and it's a personal truck I think you would be fine.

I also live in Northern Ontario they don't care as much about stuff like that no E test or stuff like that. As long as the truck "looks" road worthy they don't care, rust buckets get their plates pulled once in a while by the OPP/MTO, that's about it.

I only drive in the city, to get out of it!!!
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Cool. Biggest trailer it would pull is about a 26 foot sailboat (I hope LOL and that's just from the marina in fall and back in in spring....) and a small cargo trailer when/if we move to Northern Ontario. (Currently checking into Nipigon)
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some require a yearly saftey and a logbook.... look on what it can tow if its over a certian weight it needs it unless you go in and have it changed (can be done) but if they ever pull you into the scales and your over weight you will be fined... there cracking down alot looking for these trucks at least in southern ontario dipping tanks looking for coloured fuel

company i worked for before had a older 80's flatbed duelly ford had the sticker but driver didnt have a logbook so he was fined the next week they relicenced it as a lower rating truck problem solved
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Maybe I'll just stick with the 250...LOL.

Truth is, I've had 6000 pounds in the back of the one in my avatar and it barely leveled it out.

I also always laugh when I think of a night that didn't start off so great. A bit over 2 years ago when our 5 year old was 3, we had to take her to the hospital. she'd had the flu and dehydrated herself and had to have an IV. Since I was starting to get tired at 1am or so and my eyes were getting "blurry" I went home to switch vehicles and get an hour's nap as we'd driven her there in my Mom in law's Buick and I wanted to bring the truck to pick her up as it was easier (for me) to park in the hospital parking lot.

On the way home, she very sleepily says "Daddy, your twuck is too bumpy"


So, I'd probably get a 250 but was curious about this with the 350. and of course, buying used, you never know what might come up for sale!
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I went on the Ontario Government website and the only inspections it talks about there are for commercial vbehicles. Same as here in Alberta. As far as emission testing, it depends where you live. If you live in a heavily populated area you will require emission testing every couple of years. I believe it starts with vehicles older than 05.
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Thanks. Yeah, Emissions tests are pretty clear. OIn Ontario it's mainly the lower part as Northern Ontario has none. It seems the dividing line is Sudburyish. LOL. USED to be none West of Highway 6 (Mount Forest) but they changed that.
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In Ontario if it is a dually it needs a yearly inspection
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DO NOT BE FOOLED some f250's also require a yearly inspection .you have to watch the gvrw on the door sticker. I have an 05 harley deisel that I use for personal use only and it must be inspected every year. Its over the limit by 30kg and I have the $250 ticket to prove it.
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no it does not have to be inspect unless you have that yellow sticker for towing
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