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6Litre problems

Ok so i have an 2005 f350 king ranch and the other day i noticed it started chugging a bit when you step on the throttle. Then all of a sudden it was fine. The next day it didnt want to start so i finally got it started And started driving to the shop the truck would not go over 60 kms. So when i got there i let run for awhile thoughtthat maybe i had water in the fuel it only had less then 1/4 tank. I then went to get fuel it drove alittle better. I filled it up with fuel and it was fine. So i put some fuel conditioner in it and carried on.I later left the shop and it was kind of acting up. Now its acting up more and i find the more you let it idle and warm up the better it gets but its not even close to perfect! So i scanned the computer for codes today(the engine has not yet come on) And the thing is full of codes. Every injector has a code and the injector control module aswell! Has anyone ever come across this? The truck has 122,000kms on it.
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