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Henry Ford
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The GM and truck yard at Bucks Auto is filled with Fords.
If you need specific parts or are rebuilding, doing a change over, it might be best to go to the autopac auction every Wednesday(PLESSIS RD, wpg mb). You can even browse online through the results for auctions past to get an idea of what kind of pricing goes on. I have found the second total loss vehicles to be some of the best pricing and in the best condition as they can never be registered again. For the price your going to pay used, the time it takes to search, you get the whole vehicle. Take what you want and sell the rest in the buy and sell or used sites online. It will pay for itself and make a couple extra dolleeros. It might be worth looking into. At the very least, kill some time daydreaming of the possibilities. You might even make some connections and surely gain some useful knowledge.
Check it out, let us know what you think.
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