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Winter Rims/Tires & TPMS

I'm thinking about putting some winter rims and tires on this winter and would like a clarification on the tire pressure monitoring system issue. My current ride, an '08 Screw, has the TPMS and I have read several differing opinions on running winter rims/tires without TPMS sensors.

Some have said it is no problem as long as you don't mind the light showing on the dash. Others have said it will screw up the computer so that when you put your summer tires/rims back on (with the TPMS sensors) that it will cost a pretty penny to have the computer reset to recognize the sensors again.

And still other reports have said that many garages, tire shops and dealerships will not install rims without the TPMS sensors (if you currently have them) for safety reasons. HELP!

From a TPMS Virgin.
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Hey Rick, I am not 100% sure for an '08 Screw, but with my '08 Ranger, it does not mess anything up with the computer. All I get is the tire pressure warning light. And, if you happen to keep your "summer" rims (the ones with the sensors) anywhere near your truck, like in a garage, the TPMS resets itself due to the proximity.

I was also told that in the spring I would have to take my truck to the dealer to have the sensors reset or retrained. That is not the case. Two full winters so far and no issues at all.

I hope this helps

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not a ford. but the guy i work with has on 08 lancer . he wanted just winter rims and tires and would live with the light.
no shop in Edmonton would install with the sensors. So he went with Kal tire and once they got them installed they couldn't get the sensors flashed or something. He is fighting to get his money back right now.

Really? Its the Internet take it easy.
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Canadian, while I don't disagree that you haven't had any problems with your system, I don't believe it's because you kept your summer tires near the truck. The sensors themselves go to sleep in order to save battery until they detect motion.
Since you only have one set of sensors programmed to your truck, the computer remembers the code(s) when you put them back on in the spring, no problem. Even if they didn't take right away, you should be able to re-initialize the sensors with a magnet come spring.
Actually, I think you'd have more trouble if you had a second set, because then you'd have to "switch" the computer when you changed the rims, unless the computer can recognize more than four wheels at a time. All you're preventing is having the light on your dash for a couple of months.
You'd have to talk to a tire shop, but I don't think they can force you to install sensors in your winter wheels. I know the system cannot be disable because it comes that way from the factory, however there should be nothing that says you have to continue to use it. If you wanted to safety it, then maybe, but as long as you're driving it you should have the choice, IMO.
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I ran for a year without tpms sensors. I had ZERO issues.

VMP and 5-Star tuned no more

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No problems with no TPMS here. All it does is turn on an idiot light on the dash.

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For my '09 I was told the light would come on for the winter while i had the snow shoes on.

And most peeps usually don't get the winter shoes programmed as the summers will then need to be relearned to the computer when the swap comes around.
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Thank you all for your replies and advice. One last question before I pull the plug. Does the light on the dash just stay on steady or does it flash on and off? The former I can live with. The latter would drive me crazy!
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not having the sensors will just turn on the light(will flash first to show a tpms concern then go steady)it will not affect the pcm or other systems(accept vehicle stab control/trailer sway control on 09+f series)the tpms sensors can be retrained when tires installed in spring(if you do it at a dealer they may not charge extra)or buy a training tool off e-bay for cheap and do it your self(push brake pedal,turn key on/off 3times,push brake,key on/off 3 times,horn sounds,put tool 180 from valve push button to train,do this for all wheels lhfr,rhfr,rhr,lhrear,horn sounds,turn key off-your good to go

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I just live with the light on. Eventually I want to either pull the bulb or cover it up with some black tape as I'm pretty sure in the last 2 million KMs of trucking and backroads exploring I've learned how to detect a low tire!! It should just be part of anyone's basic pretrip but apparently so few people know what that word means so the gov't decided to shove a new law down peoples' throats - or was it a conspiracy by Ford so that when the next batch of Firestones start blowing out and people get killed they have a leg to stand on in court (?). LR

Matt T.

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