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Weird Noise From Front Hubs

Not sure if this is the right section for this but here goes. I am getting an intermittent noise out of my front hubs when the wheels are rotating in 2-wheel drive mode (at least the switch is set to 2-wheel drive). This noise started to appear around 15,000 kms and continues to plague me now at 50,000 kms.

First, the sound of the noise is like when I used to put playing cards on my bicycle spokes for that fake engine noise. I hope some of you are old enough to remember that. The only difference is the sound is definitely metallic, so slightly higher pitched. And loud. This noise is loud enough that it can be heard 10 houses down the street in a quiet subdivision!

This noise can happen any time, at any speed but is most frequent when I am turning a 90 degree corner. And there are only 2 ways to stop it once it has started. One is to stop the truck, and just about the time it comes to a complete stop, I hear a little clunk and everything is good again. The other way to stop it is to turn the switch from 2-wheel drive to 4-wheel hi and then back again. Once turned back to 2-wheel, the noise stops however this is also a pain when I am on the highway doing 120 kph because I have to slow down to 80 kph in order to turn 4WD on and off. And sometimes when I have the stereo cranked up, I may not even hear it and can drive like that for miles.

Anyway, this problem was originally only in the left, front hub and now it seems to have migrated into the right, front hub as well. I have taken it into the dealership specifically for this issue but they tell me they are unable to duplicate this noise. As I said, it is intermittent and sometimes (like in the warmer weather when I am not shifting it into 4WD as much) it may not happen for 4-6 weeks, then all of a sudden bang. And once it does this it may do it several times over the next few days. Unfortunately, I am never close to the dealership when this happens. And just for warranty sake, I have asked the dealer to look at this problem each time I take my truck in for service. However, I am now approaching the end of my warranty and I do not want to end up "holding the bag" so to speak.

So, I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced or heard of this unique problem. Other than the noise itself, everything else appears to be fine and 4WD works great when it is engaged.
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we have had concerns with the iwe's(wheel ends)getting damaged because of not enough vacc,the usual culprit is the vacc control solonoid on the firewall,also have seen the 1way check valve going to eng vacc messing up(will make a grinding noise in 4x2 when accellerating)

a moments silence for the shelbyx,i hope her new owner enjoys as much.
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So, is there any way to confirm if this is the culprit during periods when this noise is not actually present? The dealer told me that the hubs are all enclosed so there is no way for them to see what is going on inside. And they are reluctant just to change out the hubs under warranty because if they can't confirm the noise/problem, they run the risk of not being reimbursed by Ford.

And, it is impossible to check things like the solenoid or check valve while the noise is present because as soon as I stop the truck, the noise stops (after the clunk).
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my 04 fx4 was doing that grinding noise in the front end in 2wd, took it to the ford dealer and it was the actulater on the drivers side, the vaccum seal breaks and it trys to enage while in 2wd, cost me 485 to get fixed.
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