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Originally Posted by Varsity Tyler View Post
Hey kids,

For a while now I've tossed around the idea of moving north to the Yukon from Toronto, and now come October I'm making that happen. I've given notice at my shop and I'll be leaving Oct 21. With a detour to Vancouver to see some family, I plan on being in Whitehorse around the 5th of November.

Yes, I know it's cold. I've been to the Territories before, but never in the winter. Tonight I spoke with my cousins who live just outside Whitehorse for some help planning, but the more help I can get the better.

So for my 4x4, 5-speed B4000 ...

- light engine oil (0W30 synthetic instead of 5W30 syn.)
- drain and fill coolant with proper mix for -50ish
- more gas line anti-freeze for the washer fluid
- gas line anti-freeze for the gas
- make sure the block heater works : )
- magnetic pan heater
- heated battery blanket

Do I need to do anything for my tranny, x-fer case and diffs?

Otherwise, since I'm a wrench and I'm moving cross the country I'll have my toolbox in the bed. So I'll be set for tools in case of an emergency. And of course I'll have a bit of a safety/survival kit for the 'just in case' scanarios. My favourite for those is methly hydrate absorbed into a roll of TP stuffed into a tobacco tin. Strike a match to it and you have instant canned heat for hours : )

Also, I'm taking my quad with me. It has a plow blade on it, so I think I'll use it this winter to help clear snow. I guess the same tips go for the ATV?

For my outboard I guess just drain the bottom end and empty the carb and lines? And the chainsaw ..... I think I'll just run it dry and drain out any bar oil. Or am I stupid? lol
Glad you're moving up..we need all the northern members we can get..LOL. I'm in Watson, so about 4 hours from Whitehorse. Alot of people here use their quads for snow removal...i ain't one of them..I never even try to start mine in the winter..easier to get a buddy with a bobcat to do mine. Not sure how they get theirs to start in the winter..probably keep a trickle charger on the battery. The rest of the machine should be up to the task. Good choice on the outboard, get rid of any water before it freezes in there. My chainsaw stays outside all winter with no problems, i put in winter bar oil in Oct and that's it. The pickup looks good for your suggestions...i run the factory 5W20 with no probs, but it gets plugged in after -35. I also have the oilpan heater..The tranny don't like the -40 and lower temps either, but stops complaining after a few minutes. I don't touch the transfer case or diffs. I also have never run gasline antifreeze..maybe just been lucky. Welcome to the North. Maybe i'll look you up after you get there some time.

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