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Thanks for the tips .... I'm a big fan of winter, but I've never done one where it gets quite so chilly. I'm trying to take in as much info as I can before I depart.

As for the jobs - eh we'll see. lol ... I know things slow down up there once the snow flies, but I do think I'm pretty employable. I'm a 3rd year apprentice wrench. From what I gather shops tend to like guys like me; young enough to not get paid much but old enough to make the shop some money.

To be honest, I'll take a job doing near anything as soon as I arrive, so long as it puts a warm roof over my head, pays for the truck and puts some food on the table. Of course I'd love to work in a shop from the very start, but I'm trying to cover the 'what if' scenarios.

Now I'm torn on what to do with my sled. For certain I'm bringing my quad, but my old 97 Cat 600 Triple is getting a little tired. And besides that, she's a bit of a trail queen or ice rider anyway - way too heavy to go boondockin. I tihnk I may grab something newer up there : )

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