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Hey, I grew up in C.F.U. also. I think you'll like it up here.

Sounds like you've got all the bases covered. I second what NS said. I run the stock
5W30, but synthetic in the winter, in my B4000. As for the tranny, difs and t-case, that's just the stock fluids, too. It's stiff to shift for a minute, but take it easy, and it loosens right up.

Don't get too attached to your windshield. It's almost impossible to avoid getting your truck rocked-up in the winter up here. A cracked windshield is pretty much standard equipment around here. You may want to think about putting some mesh behind your grill, too, to keep the rocks out.

The only small tips I can add (more convenience than necessities), is to get a couple of block heater extension cords that are better quality rubber so they don't get too stiff in the cold. A six-footer, and a longer one for when you can't park close to an outlet.

Silicone spray is good to put on the weatherstrip around your doors so they don't freeze shut as easily. Also good for locks. Be careful if you wash your truck in winter. Locks, doors, and EVERYTHING freezes up. I've frozen off the vent lines for the diffs, and that stuff comes out somewhere once they warm up -- usually the axle seals. Park it overnight in a heated spot if you can, to let things dry out.

If you have a frame mounted hitch receiver, you might want to get a shackle adaptor. That way, in case you hit the ditch, with your rear end pointed out, it's easier for someone to give you a yank. I don't know why B4000s don't come with a rear tow hook? And you do have a recovery strap, right?

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