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morn. im 10 years in whitehorse, 360,000 on my ranger xlt. sounds like some good advice
you,ve been given hear. might add some good winter tires as 6 months will be spent on
pretty much nothin but ice. lots of us canvass up the front from the hood to as for under
as possible. will help you keep some heat. at min. a grill cover or piece of cardboard
blocking out the front of your rad. As for machanical id add: seal conditioners for motor
and tranny, ct has them on hand, prevent your seals from shrinking. I,ve duralubed my
motor, huge difference in cold starup (-50) and combined with synthetics she,s run
every time. Warning, I froze my but off after duralubing in the fall as it knocked my
run temp down 20%, wait untill spring. make sure you dont replace any belts in the dead
of winter, have a spare and change it as a last resort. to cold for them to break in they
may fall to pieces very quickly. spare wiper blades, rubber doesn,t like the cold.
and on a final note a heated seat cusion, and back brace for the 5 km you,ll be driving
on square tires every morn. best wishes.
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