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just did mine. make sure you disconnect both batteries, remove 3 bolts on starter and let it hang, remove one nut from dipstick to valvecover stud, at this point you MUST make sure you have a good grip on the piece that goes into the pan. Then remove the dipstick tube ( this is sometimes tough because there is an o-ring holding the tube inside the fitting), then install needle nose vise-grips into the spot the tube came out of, THEN remove the large nut and discard it and the o-ring inside the pan, wipe everything off as much as possible, install new o-ring (without getting it wet with oil or it will swell up and make installation a biatch), pull fitting up to inside face of pan and install new nut. snug this nut up (just because you can put a large wrench on it does not mean you also have to tighten untill you rip all the threads off the nut), remove the needle nose vise-grips and when putting the dipstick tube back in you need to be carefull the o-ring doen't get pinched, put the nut on the tube at the valvecover, install starter, and connect batteries. time to do all this about 2 hours.
NOTE: after removing the starter i washed down the side of the motor around the fitting with some varsol and a toothbrush and wiped with a rag. and i bought new needle nose vise-grips for the holding of the fitting. ( new pliers 10.00= no lost fitting, lost fitting you have three choices.
1 remove the oil pan (this requires removal of the engine)
2 cut hole in side of oil pan and then reweld after finding fitting
3 find someone with an optical borescope camera to look inside and then with a mechanical snake try to recover your fitting)
was easy to do just be clean and take your time. worked great.

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