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Garage Heaters?

I know it's June, but I'm thinking now would be a good time to pick up a used garage heater. I've got a few questions.

My new garage is almost finished. I'm not planning on insulating it, because I'm not going to heat it full-time -- only when I'm working in it. Mostly I'll use it for shop space to do woodworking, eg., make new kitchen cabinets, etc. That'll generate a lot of airborne dust, and I don't want an explosion. That rules out anything with an open flame inside the building.

What I was thinking of going with is a used Herman Nelson type of construction heater, around 60,000 BTU, like this kind:

I plan on making a removable panel to fit in my garage window, and running a duct from the heater, located outside, through the window opening. The heater will sit outside while it's running.

Usually the ones I see advertised locally say they run on kerosene, but from checking manuals online, I see some models can also burn diesel. I'd like to use diesel, because it's a lot cheaper.

So, my question is, for you guys that have experience with these heaters -- can you generally substitute #1 diesel for kerosene in these types, or what?

Thanks for any tips.

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