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Hey guys, thanks for all the input.

Sadly, there will be no insulation in the foreeable future. Mainly, because I've got watch my budget, as I need to spend a lot of money on repairs/upgrades to my property still.

The other thing is that my contractor, who has a very good reputation, and seems to know what he's talking about, advised me not to do it, especially in the first few years. He thinks it causes problems with the way the building settles/warps. His company does garages exclusively.

Also, I've read it accelerates corrosion on your vehicle. You drive in from the cold with frozen salt/snow/slush underneath, and then it warms up and turns to liquid. That's when it really does the damage. Better to leave it frozen until you've got the opportunity to properly wash it off.

In an ideal world, I'd insulate it, but I've got to make a trade-off. For the relatively small amounts of time I'd be heating it, I don't think the insulation payback would come for a very long time. So, yeah, it's inefficient, but in the short term, cheaper.

Interesting about diesel gumming up these heaters. Is it the sulfur, do you think? I've had these types of heaters apart before, and there's not much to them. I wonder if there's an additive which would help keep the fuel nozzle clean, or if I mixed diesel and kerosene?

The used oil furnace idea is good. I'd have to build a shed for it, and duct it in (open flame).

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