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I too used the 20L pails when changing oil on my '95 7.3 but I did it much faster. Try this: Leave both caps on and "spigot" pulled out, then simply lay the pail on the right fender well (you can use rags to prop the pail level if needed) so that the spigot (make sure it's on the bottom) is lined up with the oil filler tube and a funnel in the tube. Place a rag under spigot to catch any'll learn not to spill anything after a couple of tries. Then, making sure you don't let go, start unscrewing cap and when it's almost off, just tip the cap a little sideways kinda like this: "]\" (hope that makes sense). Like this, you can control the flow easily while letting a little more than half of oil out. Screw the cap back on to stop flow...wait a few...check oil level...repeat, till full. It took three or four times for me to ace this and have oil changed in about 1/2 hour. I also used the same technique to pour oil into a 1L can to prefill the oil filter. Hope this helps you if you choose to try it.

I would take some pics but I don't have that truck anymore. Now I don't even change my oil in my Super Duty 6.0 as my buddy does it for me for $15 labor! Can't beat that.

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