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Yeah, never thought about using the transfer pump. I was going to throw the whole bucket on the fender (yup it made sense) but I was worried about overfilling the engine. I had one half full bucket and one fresh one, so it was a little difficult to gauge exactly how much oil I was putting in. I was trying to find the 5L jug I had from when I hydrolocked my Ranger, but I guess someone threw it out already - that would have made the process infinitely quicker!

It was a pretty simple truck to change the oil on considering all the fuss and BS I've heard shops complain about. We had another guy who used to keep up on top of all the equipment maintenance around here but he's moved on, so with no one left stuff was just getting forgotten about (landlord suffered a severe stroke, so its up to his 55 yo wife to keep the place going). I haven't had a whole lot to do lately so its a good little project to keep me busy, and besides, I use the truck and tractors a fair bit as well too. LR

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