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'08 F150 Factory Head Unit

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Eventually I'll be upgrading the head unit to a double din Nav unit, but for now I'm looking at getting a Kenwood KSC-SW1 powered subwoofer unit to fill out the factory audio. (it's small and compact and will fit under the drivers side rear seat.)

My question - Does the factory head unit have pre-outs/remote wire hook-up for a subwoofer? Or do I need to upgrade the head unit before I can install the powered subs?
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I believe it depends on the deck, for example there are decks that support the Audiophile system that may be capable of Splicing into for aftermarket.
What you need to do is find out if a company makes a harness that would convert that factory output to pre-outs. Even that is a stretch, so an aftermarket unit would be the more feasable way to cover the gap between now and aftermarket double DIN.
thanks for the reply, second question...if I buy a satalite ready head unit, do I need to buy the sirius receiver, or is the one already installed by the factory plug and play with all sat ready head units?
Sat ready means you can control the siriius thru head unit if you buy the extra module, the best thing is to just buy a plug and play(Stilletto, Streamer GTR) and hook it thru Aux for sound
but with having sirius already factory installed on my F150, does that mean that the module already in the truck will work with all sat ready head units?
Don't quote me, but I believe at one time pioneer was the manufacturer for Fords decks but I could be wrong.
you need a system that is made for that specific deck make..

sat ready kits are available for pioneer, sony, etc... check which one the factory deck is compatible with... contact selective sound if anything they can hook you up
Your Ford Sat module will not work with new head unit,
Also your Sat antenna may not plug in into your new module
Just a heads up

I'll fill some gaps..

That Kenwood unit prolly comes with a high-low level adapter built-in.. basically ability to tap into the high level output that normally goes to the speakers and inverts it and ampilfies it..

Now if you run RCA's for it.. you can install a simple hi-low level adapter
to create a RCA output from the deck to hook up to a amplifer..

Then when you swap out the factory you take out the adapter and plug the RCA's into the back of the deck..
The adapter is about $15 so no big loss..

As for a remote turn-on.. Get the wiring diagram for the radio wiring and tap into the Accessory wire. So when the ignition tells the radio to turn on it also tells your amp to turn on.

The factory Sirius module will only work with the factory radio due to the communication language (interface) it is only ford talk..

You will need a aftermarket sirius unit which you should be able to call sirius and get the ESN swapped if you still have free programming..
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thanks for all your help guys.

I love this site!
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